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  1. JL Gorilla Glass Windshield Now Available (Via Hyperformance windshield by HGP)

    First crack last month. (3 year old JLU) I was on my way back from Big Bend and a subaru changed lanes in front of me and hurled a small rock back at me. Smashed the edge and splintered to over a foot long. Just got this in the mail. Install tomorrow and we’ll see how it does.
  2. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Somewhere outside of Big Bend...
  3. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Here’s a few from Ouray. Last one’s from Big Bend.
  4. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

  5. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    no rubbing or issues pre lift!
  6. The Silver Rhino

    The Silver Rhino

  7. Silver Rhino Build

    Base camp for Jeep!
  8. Silver Rhino Build

    don’t cross the straps. Just loop through the rubber tailgate bumps.
  9. Jeep Dog pics

    They adapt fine. She stays in the house with my other 2 dogs when we aren't out. I have a dog door to a decent sized yard. As long as you don't keep them locked out in July they don't generally have issues. I have a Shiba with a double coat too.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    super sleek. Very well made. Love the extra storage. Lots of pockets. Uses the dead space really well.
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Received my XG cargo gama bags.
  12. Silver Rhino Build

    Received my XG Cargo bags. These things are sleek!! Very well made.
  13. DIY: Rear hatch LED light strip

    What gauge wire did you all use?
  14. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    Should I be worried about a burning rubber smell after install? I checked my lines and they seem to be fine. No melting wires here...
  15. DIY: Rear hatch LED light strip

    Hey guys, I'm getting everything together to tackle the project this week. I think I'll be wiring it straight to my aux battery in my genesis dual battery kit instead though. I'll also be using a different but similar type of switch. But my question is, what kind of adhesive did you guys use...
  16. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    Those engine bays are so clean... I just finished my install. Laying out plans for the G screen now to get it through the firewall any suggestions?
  17. Silver Rhino Build

    Black Friday genesis Offroad dual battery install! Took me 8 hours . I need a better electric tools!!
  18. Silver Rhino Build

    Flag decal adds
  19. Silver Rhino Build

    Suspension 2.5 Evo Overland Enforcer Stage 4 Lift with Evo spec King Shocks.