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  1. Lite Brite breaks RPM Steering Tie Rod

    I replied to your fb post, but have now read what you were referring to here. They are great people and his description here about mirrors mine that I posted. My jeep is modified but not anything crazy and I kept up with lite brite and said orange jt just fine.
  2. Rubi springs, Fox shocks and Mopar LCA for JLU Sport

    Why not run the rubicon shocks? Usually a package deal when you buy the takeoff suspension.
  3. Spacer Lift Install Cost?

    Find another member local and see if they will give you a hand. If you were close to me, I’d be willing to help. No idea where you are located but if you’re close I’m in.
  4. Best wheels for Dana 60s?

    Should be 8x6.5 bolt pattern and then just find whatever wheels you want.
  5. 37s question

    This is my exact theory on it. Have 25k miles with 37s and still no plans to regear.
  6. I’ve searched all over this forum..I have a 4xe High Altitude, 2” MOPAR lift..

    If you zoom in real close 37x12.5 20 can be read.
  7. 5" Backspacing on a Rubicon with 37 12.5's on Clayton Overland 3.5"

    I’d see what the manufacturer requires for the wheels with that lift to be sure it will fit, but I run 17x9 +12 offset which is about 5.5 bs on my 2019. Running a mopar lift with swapped rk 3.5 front coils. They tuck up in the wheel wells when flexing but do rub the inner fenders at full flex a...
  8. 4xe Rubicon with 2" mopar lift resulting in worse ride

    Well dang. Sometimes the mopar lift needs a few additions to be more complete. I’ve added adjustable front lower control arms, adjustable front track bar and a rear track bar bracket to square things up. Are your axles shifted left to right much? As in does on side stick out significantly more...
  9. 4xe Rubicon with 2" mopar lift resulting in worse ride

    What’s your tire pressure at? Lower to 32-35 if it’s higher then that and report back.
  10. Wheel backspacing for 37’s

    Not on the rubicon. Not sure about a sport or Sahara with a slightly less wide axle. Certain lifts will require 4.5 bs wheels such as rock krawler as the way they mount their shocks is different. So check with your lift company specs as well.
  11. 17x9 +12 offset wheels

    Here’s a couple pics. It’s kind of a pic your poison deal. With the rubicon if you go 9 wide -12 wheels you’ll rub the fender flare with +12 you’ll rub the inners a little. Here’s a couple pics.
  12. To lift or not to lift (now)?

    Bfg’s run a little small, if you want 37s I’d just get the 37s. If you’re not going to add a ton of weight the 2.5 inch lift will be sufficient. If you’re going to add a lot of weight go for the 3.5.
  13. Wheel backspacing for 37’s

    Still running them. Have since switched to a mopar lift, which is custom as well. Wheels are holding up great though and still like the offset. They slightly rub my aftermarket inner fenders and full turn and full flex but not enough to matter. Message me if you want more pics. I don’t check...
  14. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    Mine are 37s. The 33s look fine at stock height but when you lift a rubicon you’ll want bigger tires for sure.
  15. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    I ended up swapping the front coils due to my front end being a little low for my liking with aftermarket bumper and winch. Had an opportunity to get some rk 3.5 inch front springs for cheap so said why not. Here’s a before and after. Before is on the bottom. Can’t tell totally that it was nose...
  16. 2018 jeep rubicon

    Auto park sucks. Wish there was a way to turn it off. Just close the door(s) go to park and then shift back to drive.
  17. 2018 jeep rubicon

    Do it. Just figure out your budget and what your off roading goals are. There are max flex kits that are more and less expensive kits with just adjustable lowers that will be less. next warning is that the mopar “2 inch” lift is actually more than 2 inches.If you only want 2 inches try to...
  18. control arm confusion

    Does she have a rubicon or a sport? If a non rubicon I’d try it out and see if the axles are shifted much before spending more. The mopar lift gives 4 or so inches of lifts to the sports which renders the lca’s too short. A 2.5 inch spacer on a sport will only be about an inch higher than a...
  19. JL Gorilla Glass Windshield Now Available (Via Hyperformance windshield by HGP)

    Any updates on the gorilla glass? I’m already through 2 factory windshields so just ordered one today. Hoping it will last a while or I may have to add glass coverage back on to my insurance. Just hate that even a windshield replacement when you have glass coverage counts as a claim.