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  1. No more affiliate pricing?

    I believe you can still use it this month or order with price protection. But starting next month AR is gone per Stellantis.
  2. Big price increases??

    So in other words, but crypto because USD is overprinted garbage. lol Im in manufacturing and for a few months now we've been hit by 3x price increase in raw materials, that' carbon, steel, galv. even powder coat. Some exotic metals we cant even source at this time.
  3. Bonus Cash- No Rubicon?

    Every dealer has the right to accept of refuse specialty offers, that includes Affiliate Rewards as well.
  4. Big price increases??

    Leon claims max discount of 3% under invoice as of today. 1% for AR +2% for "conventional financing/leasing" which isn't conventional because they mark up base rate.
  5. Recommended Dealers List

    FYI Suresky 4xe orders are full.
  6. Interesting call from my dealer...

    Its a very generic and very common sales tactic to get your interest. In other news, used car values are up because of covid created supply/demand so your current one might be worth more then usual.
  7. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    Yes, it had a ton of small issues ( which is fine ) but then the dealer experience and JeepCares experience killed it for me.
  8. Steering wheel locking up

    Nope, it did in fact come back but I've sold it nearly 2 years ago so I'd hope they have it figured out by now.
  9. Some non Jeepers seriously think they are invincible in a Snow Storm when in 4WD or AWD

    AWD is much better in snow at higher speeds. 4wd is better in low speed situations. That being said I've had my JKU in a brizzard in 4hi and JLUR I had barely ever saw 4hi dont matter the condition it faced 2hi was enough. This past snow storm we had (im in central NJ) I was in my Bolt EV...
  10. What’s wrong with this picture.....

    Lights on during the day...very wasteful.
  11. Buy out 2018 Sahara after lease?

    This is a great opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Is that 51 months term a typo ????? With that term you should have financed to begin with. Everyone is focused on the "SALE" price while that term is the real killer.... Drive it for 3 years and sell it. Quote with carmax / cavana /...
  12. Why NOT Lease JLUR?

    Because Wranglers are cheaper to buy. MF is usually high on them and lease therms are usually long (taking advantage of high resale) especially Saraha and Rubicon while Sports usually have higher residual. Finance APR is cheaper then going MF and you don't have to pay Acq. and Dispo fees then...
  13. full speed collision avoidance system - not working

    I had this happen on my Infiniti q50 the same day I picked it up. A girl slammed on her brakes on the highway as soon as light turned yellow, I did not expect it therefore my relaxes were a bit delayed (my foot was not already on the brake anticipating a stop) brake mitigation did not work...
  14. Avoid the diesel?

    Nissan is always last in pickup sales. Point is that more diesel offering me are going away.
  15. Avoid the diesel?

    Looks like Nissan is killing their Titan XD with Cummins.
  16. JL (2DR) Sold: Mopar 82215356AB tailgate reinforcement NIB

    Part is New In Box, never installed. Selling because I sold my JL. $SOLD Located in Central NJ.
  17. EPA ratings 2020 3.6 BSG - disappointed

    If you MPG makes you feel better just wait for PHEV.