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  1. Government to look into steering issues

    Just received a call from them and they told me the steering is better than on most of the Jeeps that come in. So ‍Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what comes of all of this
  2. Government to look into steering issues

    Just dropped mine today for the recall and oil change. I talked to them about the loose steering and they decided to keep it overnight and have another mechanic go over it tomorrow. He said they have had at least 4 reports of the same thing in the last 2 weeks. Such a huge difference going...
  3. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Was searching all over to find a picture of these on an Ocean Blue Rubi like mine! Looks great!
  4. Is 6-8% Below Invoice Even Possible for a JLUR?

    He got it for me using my VA Documents
  5. Is 6-8% Below Invoice Even Possible for a JLUR?

    I ended up 8.5% under from DeMontrond, but that also included $500 military cash
  6. Nav Send me to Wrong Place

    Anyone else having issues with the Nav taking you to the wrong place? I have a 2019 JLUR (less than 4 weeks since I picked it up) and visiting my sis-in-law in El Paso. Since I don’t know the area I use the Nav a lot and it takes me to incorrect addresses, and these aren’t new areas of town. On...
  7. No sound from speakers

    Same has happened to me a few times. But I had all the same type of issues in my Challenger as well. There are inherent issues in the UConnect system. They try to fix something and mess up something else. Was hoping Jeep would have the UConnect issues fixed at this point since they have been...
  8. No Ocean Blue love???

    Here’s mine! Love the color! Going Capt America since I have the Blue and Red accents already on the Rubi
  9. Strangly missing features

    Only thing I would like to see is a front camera like our Raptor has. I use it quite a bit in everything from parking to manuevering in tigh spaces
  10. What is the top speed?

    I traded in my Scat pack Challenger for my JLUR and that car was so stupid fast that my heart would start hammering when I really got on it blowing past 100 with ease. My JLUR gets my heart hammering when I was driving to El Paso on I-10 and the speed limit is 85 and the wind is blowing
  11. Picked up my JLUR from DeMontrond

    I love being back in a Jeep (this is my 3rd). My Scat Pack was nice but I just didn’t love it the way I love my Jeep. Doesn’t have the speed that my Challenger or my wife’s BMW, but it just fits me better (we sold my wife’s for a Raptor). It really does get in the blood. They are expensive...
  12. Thoughts on pricing for 19 JLU Sahara

    Haha damn fat fingered it AR
  13. Thoughts on pricing for 19 JLU Sahara

    Sucks because he gave me a good deal on both the Jeep and my trade. I was very happy. I contacted 4-5 other dealers and either got no response or got the let’s schedule you to come in.
  14. Thoughts on pricing for 19 JLU Sahara

    He didn’t really respond when I first emailed asking questions, but was more responsive when I emailed ready to order.
  15. Thoughts on pricing for 19 JLU Sahara

    If you are looking in AK and don’t mind driving into TX, I just got 8.5% from DeMontrond in Conroe TX for my JLUR and that included a mil discount.
  16. Alpine Stereo Question

    Check the EQ again. UConnect is notoriously bugged. Yesterday on our road trip I lost all sound to the left half of my JLUR, the volume wouldn’t turn up or down and all my EQ setting zeroed back out. Turned it off and back on and the speakers and volume began working again but I had to reset the...
  17. Alpine Stereo Question

    Doesn’t sound right because once I adjusted the EQ in mine it bumps really well. I was very surprised at how well it sounded and how much vas’s it put out
  18. Has anyone seen an Bank Auto Loan under 3% lately?

    I got 3.79% for 72 months from USAA a couple days ago. Asked the dealer if they had anyone that could beat it and said the closest they could come was 3.99% and I have just under an 800 credit score. My rate from them on my Scat Pack was 2.49, but as has been mentioned, now that we are no...
  19. Picked up my JLUR from DeMontrond

    Not sure. When we checked on it it had already been offloaded and was waiting on a truck to deliver it. So I’m not sure how long it was there. It went much faster than I ever expected though