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  1. Voltage gauge question

    Well then, that is our answer. My ESS has not worked for over a month, that is why I have started watching the gauge. If yours drops to 12v when the ESS engages then that is your true battery voltage, everything above that is what the charging system is producing to operate the electronics and...
  2. Voltage gauge question

    Traditionally your voltage gauge shows you the voltage that your alternator is producing, and can show when your battery is in a charge mode or if you are using a lot of electronics. If your battery is charged then the voltage would read lower. However, in the jeep gauge it shows Battery...
  3. Superchips 2.0L Turbo Tune Development & Feedback

    Is this project dead in the water or can we expect there to actually be a tuner option for us 2.0 people? You stated you were "getting close" 9 months ago. We have been asking for updates on the progress and our requests have been ignored. Should we stop waiting for this or can we actually...
  4. Installed B&M Shifters - then customized

    I installed the B&M Shifter handles into my Jeep, the main reason is the annoying sun reflection from the stock 8 speed shifter. It seems like it was either hitting my or my wife in the eye at some point of the day and just got old fast. After installing them I decided the paint the side...
  5. B&M Side Plates

    B&M Side Plates

  6. Superchips 2.0L Turbo Tune Development & Feedback

    Anything on this yet? and ETA would be nice.
  7. Mishimoto R&D: JL Wrangler 2.0T Intercooler Pipe

    Any chance there is going to be a location that I can plumb in a boost gauge? Or, do you know a place on this engine that I can tap into?
  8. California 2 upgrade Rubicon Wheels

    I have a pair of wheels for sale. No TPMS, just the wheels. Great for spares or off road trailer (that's what I did) Bot interested I. Shipping, can be collected in Northern Cal, located in Novato. $250 takes the pair.
  9. WTB: Softop in Nor Cal.

    Looking for factory soft top either premium or standard sunrider but must have tinted windows along with all hardware. I am located just north of San Francisco.
  10. California 2019 JLU Rubicon - Mopar Black Sunrider Soft Top for Sale

    Been trying to contact you about this for 6 days. Assuming it is sold at this point.
  11. Artec Industries 2.0L Turbo Bellypan Skid Plates

    i agree, would love to just get engine/trans section as well. Any options for us you think?
  12. Under Seat no-drill mount for air source switches or whatever...

    Hello all, out of necessity i created these under seat mounts for my air source and tow switch. The switch is for the flat towing setup from cool tech. The air source kit also came with brackets but the two would not work together and I really did not feel like drilling the seat track; so I...
  13. Custom brackets

    Custom brackets

  14. Superchips 2.0L Turbo Tune Development & Feedback

    Any updates on this yet?
  15. Anyone Using a Gun Magnet?

    No problems hitting your knee there? I will have to give that a shot, although I don't carry my series 70 1911. :clap:
  16. Anyone Using a Gun Magnet?

    Just wondering if anyone using a gun magnet for your EDC; and if so where did you mount it, and are you happy with the results? Photos by chance?
  17. Mopar AUX Switch Install Help needed

    When I ran into this with my install it turned out that I had not pressed the connectors all the way into the harness plug.
  18. Jeep JL death wobble and bump steer. Did yeti xd steering fix issue?

    To test for true bump steer, bounce on the front of your jeep, if the steering wheel turns back and forth while bouncing you have bump steer. If it does not move then your geometry to fine for the steering - move onto bushings etc... The cause of death wobble I had experience from the JK...
  19. Rigid Flush Mount Ignite Lights in rear bumper

    As a number have before me, I got tired of the anemic back up lights on the JL. I installed 4 flush mounted rigid ignite series lights. These are the flood diffused versions that come in packs of two as a back up light kit. Let me tell you, 2 would have been plenty, but more is better. I am...