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  1. Jeep Newbie Questions for Upgrades

    Looks great! Just to confirm, you're running the 2.5" lift kit on 35" right?
  2. Looking for feedback on Teraflex 3.5" RT3 (short arm) + Falcon SP2 3.5 aDAPT (or similar)

    I've been running a Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" lift for 3 years on a JLUS and I'm looking to switch to a higher lift and shocks with reservoir that can better handle fast off-road runs. I've spent some time looking around and the Teraflex 3.5" RT3 (short arm) + Falcon SP2 3.5 aDAPT looks like an...
  3. California Free pair of LED flood lights

    I'm waiting for someone to come pick them up a couple weeks from now. I'll let you know if they end up now showing up.
  4. California Free pair of LED flood lights

    yup, but I’m up in Oakland. Let me know if you want to swing by! DM for phone number.
  5. California Sold: Free pair of LED flood lights

    Are these amazing? Not really! But they're free and they work fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Link to product Local pickup in Oakland only. Waterproof wiring harness included (used these connectors)
  6. California Interior 48" Hi-Lift Jack Mount Kit for 4-Door JL

    If you cover shipping, sure!
  7. California RhinoRack RL Leg (x6) w/ spacers and Pioneer adapters

    Selling 3 pairs of Rhino Rack RL110S5 gutter mounts. Had them on for two weeks before deciding to go with the RhinoRack Backbone. These are in mint condition. All original mounting hardware included. Local Pickup in Oakland only $240 for 3 pairs ($80/each; preferred) $180 for 2 pairs...
  8. California Interior 48" Hi-Lift Jack Mount Kit for 4-Door JL

    It kinda works with the soft-top, but it's a pain — you have to remove the jack every time you want to put the top up or down. From their Amazon product page:
  9. California Sahara premium wheels with tires & TPMS

    I’m trying to sell locally for a couple more weeks. That not succeeding, I have a tentative agreement for shipping them to someone. thank you for your interest!
  10. California RotopaX EZ Tire Kit

    Want to try my luck with a local pickup for a couple weeks. If that doesn’t happen, I’m headed down there in 2/3 weeks, could meet to deliver in person.
  11. California Sold: Interior 48" Hi-Lift Jack Mount Kit for 4-Door JL

    Stealthy interior mounting system for a 48" hi-lift jack inside 4-door JL, without sacrificing any cargo space. * Asking for $50 ($80 + tax + shipping new) * Pickup in Oakland * In mint condition * Product page Does NOT fit JK or 2-door JLs.
  12. California Sold: RotopaX EZ Tire Kit

    Spare tire fuel/water/tool carrier when you need it! Comes with 2 plates and a heavy duty ratchet strap. Mounts to any size spare tire and carries gas, water, or storage packs. Pre-drilled holes for RotopaX pack mounts. Powder coated textured black in 3/16″ steel. * Asking for $75 (it's $120...
  13. California Sahara premium wheels with tires & TPMS

    Bumping for price drop, now $500.
  14. 12v cigarette port pigtail connector?

    I bought a pre-made extension harness for the rear 12v power outlet so I could add a couple more options in the back. This harness was decidedly not the best; one of the bushing contacts of the male connector of the harness would often come loose, causing the circuit to disconnect. I guess it...
  15. California Sold: Wrangler JL/JK 4-door deepsleep air mattress

    Air mattress contoured to fit the back of Jeep Wrangler JL/JK 4-door SUV. Comes in a carrying bag and includes an air pump (12V DC cigarette port adapter). Inflates/deflates in 2 minutes. Only used it a couple times, ended up buying the Solo Mat from the same brand and have been using that one...
  16. Go Rhino?

    I bought the 65" SRM500 with the gutter mounts and returned it. It's a decent looking rack and probably not a terrible system if you're planning on using the roll-cage mounts but I'd definitely recommend against it if you're planning on using the gutter mounts. My experience wasn't great. Once...
  17. How do sensor pins for e-locker wiring harness work?

    That'd be next level! My goal for now is a bit less ambitions, I'm just looking to understand how the circuit works so I can have some sort of indicator for the state of the lockers next to the control switches.