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  1. The dates are set, block your calendar, 6th Annual Riding for A Soldier's Child

    Stones River Jeep Club and Riding for A Soldier's Child are once again hosting the annual fund raiser to raise money for A Soldier's Child Foundation. A Soldier's Child Foundation is a non-profit that supports the children of military personnel that have died on active duty. They support them...
  2. Marine Corps humor

    I loved Yuma and when I wanted dunes I would just cross the border and hit the Imperial Sand Dunes.
  3. Marine Corps humor

    Semper Fi! 2 Tours for a total of 3 years on the beaches of Lake Bandini.
  4. Marine Corps humor

    I have those and the windshield wiper arm caps.
  5. Tennessee Jeep License Plate

    Update: The motion is on the docket for TN State Legislature to approve. Once approved 1000 preorders will be needed to have them produced. Once the links are available to put your name on the list I will provide additional updtes.
  6. Riding for A Soldier's Child 2022 Fundraiser March 11th-13th

    Facebook event with additional details: (1) 6th Annual Riding for ASC | Facebook
  7. Riding for A Soldier's Child 2022 Fundraiser March 11th-13th

    The dates are set for the upcoming Riding for A Soldier's Child event at Adventure Offroad Park in South Pittsburgh, TN. Last year there were over 200 Jeepers from 8 states and we raised over $20K for the well deserving charity. Riding For A Soldier's Child Foundation | Facebook
  8. Moving to Minnesota for school.

    One thing you most likely won't find on a Jeep in San Diego is the block heater. If you have to park outside it is definitely worth having a block heater to keep the oil more fluid. :)
  9. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    Stock for now. We have been doing light off-roading since bought it. I have a set of 35" tires ready but I know I need at least Rubicon take offs for them to fit.
  10. Tennessee Jeep License Plate

    Right now it looks like the plate name will be Explore Tennessee to avoid copyright issues. They are taking submissions for designs.
  11. Phone Holder Alternatives?

    It all works great and from the drivers seat you can see just fine.
  12. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Yesterday we did a fall color run that ended at Nemo Tunnel in Tennessee with approximately 70 Jeeps. Scenic overlook Nemo Tunnel
  13. What's your best fuel mileage to date?

    2021 JLU 3.6 Auto 20K driven. Best has been 25.9 so far.
  14. Tennessee JL/JT Quadratec Aluminum Roof Rack

    Apologies I forgot to include that. Asking $550.
  15. Tennessee Sold: JL/JT Quadratec Aluminum Roof Rack

    Like new, used once. Local pickup only. $550 Shelbyville, TN
  16. Tennessee Jeep License Plate

    Update - They are accepting submissions for designs. Advanced apologies for those that aren't on Facebook but you can get all the details there in the TN Jeep Plate group.
  17. Tennessee Jeep License Plate

    I didn't set it up, just spreading the word. But here is a pic of the proposed plate designs.
  18. Tennessee Jeep License Plate

    That have several designs selected which you can view in the group and will be voting on a final design once approved by legislature in January.
  19. Tennessee Jeep License Plate

    For all you Tennesseans that might not be aware their is a bill in progress to approve a Jeep specialty license plate. The proceeds will benefit A Soldiers Child Foundation which supports children who have lost a parent serving on active duty. Once approved there is a requirement of 1000...
  20. My Gupton Pickup Experience 9/30/21

    That's a nice looking Hella you catch a glimpse of there. :)