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  1. Steering Damper recall 2018

    Just lip service dude.
  2. Steering Damper recall 2018

    @JeepCares won't reimburse you a nickel. They are mediators. All the reimbursements are/were valid. Call Jeep. @JeepCares is useless.
  3. Back glass exploded...again!

    OEM glass or after market?
  4. Blind Spot detection: is it useless or am I missing something?

    It's a blind spot detector. A vehicle just to the side of you is not your blind spot. Buy a Tesla!
  5. Sports Plastic Bumper Discoloration

    Dont put Armor all on new plastic trim(or any oil based "restorer"). Armor all and other like products contain alcohol which helps dry up the oil otherwise your black trimming would remain greasy and oily. Armor all and like products were/are designed to restore very old faded plastics. It is...
  6. So I read that no 2” lift kit will ride better than stock .

    Who told you the Mopar lift doesnt work that well and what do you mean by that? Fox shocks are top of the line stuff. Besides, the Mopar kit is not a full lift kit so the kit alone wont do it. But if you know anything about lifting a Jeep you would know that.
  7. So I read that no 2” lift kit will ride better than stock .

    If lifted right, the ride shouldn't change much(if at all) or better yet will actually improve. If all you have is $1500 to lift I would advise against lifting. When you modify the height of your Jeep(or change its geometry) you need to modify and change everything else associated with it or...
  8. Towing a camper lifted

    You using a weight distributor?? My Rubicon was sagging like crazy with a 2800lb popup. Was dry when towing. 290 tongue weight.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Wondering how much that little fella weighs
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Can you send me link where you bought the gladiator inserts? Looks awesome!!
  11. Mudding Harmful to Jeep?

    Yes, of course mudding and off-roading adds significant wear and tear. Rocks, sand, pebbles, branches, clay, sap, salts, scratching your undercarriage promotes rust, etc. Common sense stuff. Have fun and do as you wish. Try rinse off after every offroad drive. Carwash is your best friend for...
  12. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    Your daughter is obviously very intelligent
  13. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    Like they way they look...with or without wearing beer goggles on?
  14. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    Couldn't fit a mtn bike or a buck in that bed...useless. the bed is useless especially at the price point. Jeep dropped the ball by leaps and bounds on the Gladiator.
  15. How much have you spent on modding your Jeep?

    Yeah but, 800k to that guy prob pocket change.
  16. How much steering play does your JL have?

    Easy fix!! Sell Jeep - buy Honda.