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  1. FNG

    That's what they all say, Chief. But hey, maybe you'll be different! ;) Welcome aboard, and thank you for serving. We have a decent amount of veterans on the site that I've noticed too. And just want to give this forum a shout-out. This has easily been the most informative and positive...
  2. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    @crdouglass3 , you're the man behind my new fob? Thank you, sir. It's truly a quality of life improvement, night and day!
  3. Factory key alternatives

    Stopping in to say I love my DI Labs fob, it's a life changing experience!
  4. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    Haha, won't poop in his own yard definitely made me laugh. That's got to be frustrating at times. Loved hearing about the pooch though, thanks for sharing. I guess we shouldn't derail the thread any longer... 🐶
  5. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    Cute little guy, Min Pin?
  6. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Definitely sold on the DI FOB, ordered one yesterday. For those that have received yours, how long did it take? I'm patient, just curious.
  7. Wheeling with (big) dogs

    Stop posting pictures, you're going to change my opinion on tiny dogs and make me want one! :)
  8. How to display the gear on PRND on the 8 speed auto when in automatic mode?

    I wouldn't say you're THAT guy, but I've given up on expecting anything above functional literacy on the internet. As long as you set your bar low you won't be disappointed and it won't bother you nearly as least that's what I tell myself. ;)
  9. Going in 4WD over 45 mph

    Well said, and quoting for emphasis. A lot of people don't realize the differences, and to be fair I don't feel like car companies/salesmen go out of their way to explain the differences either.
  10. Tyger Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier Install

    I didn't need a relocation bracket, I'm running 37" Milestar Pats. Carrier has been great for me so far too, definitely recommend.
  11. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    And don't forget rock clambering!
  12. Any ideas what this is?

    Can confirm it definitely looks like the fog light harness, I remember disconnecting that when putting my bumper on. Should be fine as is though, as others have mentioned.
  13. Harbor Freight Jackstand recall!

    No doubt, those ain't cheap. I feel like if I got those I would feel compelled to put everything I could on jack stands every weekend, would need to get my money's worth. ;) They're super nice, don't get me wrong.
  14. Harbor Freight Jackstand recall!

    Nice, wasn't sure about the height on those. Definitely can't complain about the price.
  15. Harbor Freight Jackstand recall!

    Please report back in with what you end up going with, I'm on a 3.5" lift and 37's as well. Thanks!
  16. Brutus - 2 door Rubicon

    It really was a flip of the coin between MC and RK for me. I was probably influenced more by other Rock Krawler owners than anything. I didn't have any first hand experience with either so the reviews and feedback of others weighed heavily in my decision. I don't have any regrets going with...
  17. What’s the one option you didn’t want, but now glad you have?

    I know now isn't the ideal time to be doing a factory order but I went that route and got exactly what I wanted, no compromises were needed. If you can handle the wait it's definitely the way I would recommend going. Regarding the tow package, do it! Even if you're never going to tow, the...
  18. Brutus - 2 door Rubicon

    Thanks! I was initially all about getting a manual but then I saw that the JL has an 8 speed ZF transmission, and it's just soooooo good I had to go that route. Edit: I just realized your build is that 2 door manual bikini. Wow, incredible setup and it turned out amazing. Diezel showed me a...
  19. Brutus - 2 door Rubicon

    I drove around a bit with the new wheels and tires while the lift kit was on order. For easy, daily driving I didn't encounter much rubbing. The only rubbing I noticed was the back tires if there was a large curb or extreme angle at a higher rate of speed. Definitely not ideal but doable until...