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  1. North Carolina Roll Call

    God that looks stupid. Shawn, you down? 😂
  2. North Carolina Roll Call

    I wonder what size lift you’d need to run 33’s? 🤔
  3. North Carolina Roll Call

    I'm still on the fence about coming Sunday. NC snow tends to melt a couple hours after it falls, so I plan to have as much fun as I can driving in the snow before it melts. The new front driveshaft for the truck is supposed to get here Friday, so I'm hoping to install it Saturday so I can test...
  4. North Carolina Roll Call

    Are a bunch of Jeep guys worried about snow? Lol
  5. North Carolina Roll Call

    I'm actually in Cary off of 55. My profile says Raleigh because no one outside of NC knows where Cary is lol
  6. North Carolina Roll Call
  7. North Carolina Roll Call

    Nice meeting you too Mark!
  8. North Carolina Roll Call

    Love it! I can't wait to do a burnout in your driveway :rock:
  9. New Rubicon Owner/Ex-TRD Off Road Owner

    Your kids will get used to getting into it. I bought mine in February. They struggled to get in it when it was stock but they got used to it. Then I put a 2" lift and 37's, and they struggled again but figured it out. Now I'm on a 3.5" lift and 39's, and they struggled at first but now they're...
  10. JL 2.0L Turbo ECU Tune Development by Eurocompulsion

    Just to clarify, is this a flash tune or a piggyback? And will it be available for 2021's? Superchips has a flash tune but it's not available for 2021's yet.
  11. Pulsar XT for 2.0L Available Now

    I have this same exact issue with my JB4. It's interesting that you have a 2021 and so do I. There's something different about the 21's, but I'm not sure exactly what it is. I originally wanted the Superchips flash tune but they still haven't released it for the 21's. They have it for the...
  12. North Carolina Roll Call

    Yes, that’s correct. I think the overlook is technically about 2-3 miles from the Tennessee line, but if you follow the forest road from one end to the other you’ll either start or end in TN.
  13. Why no 2.0 turbo with Xtreme Recon?

    There’s a lot more low end torque with the 2.0 vs. the 3.6. Not sure why they don’t offer the 2.0 with the XR package, maybe they feel like the extra torque along with the lower gearing is gonna be harder on the drivetrain?
  14. Why no 2.0 turbo with Xtreme Recon?

    I would opt for the 2.0 instead of the XR package. You can easily run up to 37's with a 2.0 without regearing. I ran 35's and then 37's on mine and never regeared. I also ran 39's for a couple months before I regeared. The 39's were a little bit of a struggle, but still driveable. I now have...
  15. North Carolina Roll Call

    Hurricane Creek Ride I was in Asheville for work this week and decided to hit Hurricane Creek. I bought a drone a few weeks ago so I used it to shoot some footage. The 1:02 mark shows a good comparison of lockers vs. open/BLD diffs. I got hung up in a rut with the diffs open. I possibly could...
  16. 2.0L Flash Tune With Superchips Flashpaq Tuning For Jeep Wrangler JL

    I’ve got a ‘21 and I’ve also been waiting for Superchips. But I’m impatient so I have a JB4 in the garage that I’ll be installing in the next day or two
  17. 37s question

    Shawn is actually the one who regeared my Jeep (along with installing the Reid knuckles, RCV's, tie rod, drag link, etc.) and I've been texting him this morning about an issue with my Evo 10s winch. Apparently the brake went bad so Warn is shipping me a new brake to install. So yes I know...
  18. 37s question

    Thanks Mike! Yours looks great too. Hopefully one day I can make it out west to wheel with you guys!
  19. 37s question

    I have a '21 Rubicon with the 2.0 and 8speed, and of course it came with 4.10's from the factory. In the beginning I didn't know what I wanted, so I first went with 35's for about a month, then 37's for about 3 months, then I finally went with 39" KM3's. I honestly felt no difference at all...