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  1. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    That looks like a great time! Did you camp in your Jeep or a tent?
  2. Savvy Magnaflow Built JL Axle Back Exhaust impression

    I would love to do that for you however my wife (or should I say ex-wife) moved out 4 months ago and I have no access to the Jeep. It is as you said a Magnaflow exhaust and I would think they could tell you which model the guys at Savvy are using. Sorry I can't be more help currently. :(
  3. Savvy Magnaflow Built JL Axle Back Exhaust impression

    Yep I did pick it up directly from Savvy. Found this discount code that works for $30 off: JF2018 or if that doesn't work there is this one for $19 off : Savvy2020
  4. California FS: 2020 Rubicon Factory LED Fog Lights

    Yes there are several places you can buy them online however it would probably be just as easy to get the Baja Designs or KC direct replacements because the factory lights are going to be a similar cost ($300 to 350 a pair on average). Here is one place...
  5. Nor Cal Easy and Moderate Trails

    There aren't any trails of decent fun any closer than an hour away. I would say the best close trails are in El Dorado National Forest.
  6. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    That is Morse Code. J = *--- L = *-**
  7. Prius Drivers hate Jeep Drivers!

    There are a LOT of bad Prius drivers and even some entertaining places to watch the antics:
  8. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Which trail(s) did you end up doing?
  9. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Yes I do, sending a PM now.
  10. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Plummer is more challenging and a little more fun. Baltic is scenic and easy.
  11. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    We have been posting some trails here: If you wanted to drive to the El Dorado Forest area I am sure you would sure enjoy Plummer Ridge and Baltic Ridge. My wife and I have cleared brush from miles of trails...
  12. Has Anyone Installed Metal Cloak 2.5 Lift With Alternative Shocks.

    For me I think the ride is excellent both on and off road. Not sure what people expect in their ride but I like a reasonably firm ride that handles well and the Game Changer does that for me.
  13. Lake Tahoe

    It will be fine with your Rubicon and and you will have LOTS of fun.
  14. Lake Tahoe

    I would suggest you look at Barker Pass. Excellent trail on the west shore of Lake Tahoe:
  15. Icon wheels

    I don't recall the size I used. As far as sanding I used a block to keep it nice and flat. :like:
  16. BFG KM3 vs Milestar Patagonia MT

    My wife has KM3's on her Rubicon and loves them. So far they have done great on everything she has dished out to them including plenty of rock stuff.
  17. Rusty's Offroad Winch Plate bent

    I am very impressed with the Mopar / Warn winch plate. Worth the extra dough IMHO.
  18. Dealer Tire Rotation Oddness / Very Short Story

    For me, the most important reason to do a 5 tire rotation is to keep the tires in a similar wear circumference because that is an important consideration on a 4WD vehicle. If your tires have 50-80% wear and then you throw on a spare that is brand new when you have a flat it can introduce some...
  19. Dealer Tire Rotation Oddness / Very Short Story

    The MetalCloak guys also said they recommend Thompson's so we will give them our next service and have lunch in Hangtown. ;)
  20. Dealer Tire Rotation Oddness / Very Short Story

    I wish I could say the same but so far I am 2 for 2 at less than what I would consider acceptable.