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  1. Oh boy I’m jealous you people have 93 on tap

    There seems to be no end to the ridiculousness of California. Corn ain't gasoline, though I have heard hemp makes great fuel for cars. Since mary jane is legal in CA, why don't they start doing hemp fuel?! Business're welcome! Ethanol free abundant around here and it's worth the...
  2. Does anyone use the "manual" mode on the automatic transmission?

    I find the transmission lags when negotiating switchbacks and climbing. I always use manual mode when climbing and descending.
  3. Jeep Debuts ‘Path Connected’ Video Previewing Uconnect 5 and How Software Can Enhance Experiences in Future

    Don't worry, Jeeps won't be around much longer anyway. Once the Millenials from India engineer the Wrangler with IFS up front and the Boomers die off, the market will tank, electric cars with no range will be the standard and we'll all own nothing and like it. SXS are quickly becoming the...
  4. Think twice before buying a 4xe

    I'm working in a bike shop and I know this pain. We rent bicycles and have been having a hell of a time keeping the fleet rentable. To that end, we've been scooping up parts online relentlessly. Sorry...
  5. Unhappy with MPG - looking for ideas

    My fuel economy improves with better fuel. I try to run ethanol free as often as possible and the mpg really jumps. Fuel blends change from Summer to Winter and perhaps your fuel quality has declined.
  6. Next Generation Prediction

    I saw a 4 door Squatch version out on Hells Revenge and it looked pretty good. Some of the iconic look is still there, but it looks like there isn't much clearance and a lot of the ground effects look like trail fodder to me. It will probably be a good alternative for those that don't like the...
  7. Utah ARB/OME 2" lift kit with adj control arms (heavy springs)

    Sure, I can put some pics together. It's mostly still in the box.
  8. Utah ARB/OME 2" lift kit with adj control arms (heavy springs)

    I think ARB is Australian as well. Either way, ARB makes the springs and hardware and Old Man Emu makes the shocks. I've driven this kit on several rental vehicles at work and it's a nice set up, I like the control of the shocks.
  9. Utah ARB/OME 2" lift kit with adj control arms (heavy springs)

    4 Springs (heavy), 4 Shocks (OME), adjustable control arms and longer sway links, with new bump stops and all hardware. I have a 4 dr, but Im not sure what the diff is for 2dr, perhaps a softer spring for less weight. This is a 4dr kit.
  10. Utah ARB/OME 2" lift kit with adj control arms (heavy springs)

    Just a bump. I still have the lift!
  11. Offroad Rental Recommendations

    November is Moab's BEST month. Shhhh, tell no one.
  12. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    I met the chief engineer who worked on the JL and he said he had to really push back hard against the the younger engineers to keep it solid axle. He's retiring this year... I'd say its inevitable.
  13. Utah ARB/OME 2" lift kit with adj control arms (heavy springs)

    I have a new in-box lift kit for sale. It was a bonus from my company, but I decided not to install it. $999 and buyer pays shipping. Fits 2018+ JLU/JLUR
  14. Retro Theme JL's- Let's see them

    I see more and more of these in Moab lately. I do like the retro looks!
  15. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    It's actually the bracket that bends. All of our fleet vehicles have the same problem, so we shifted to plastic in the rear to save the body. Seems to have worked. A better, slimmer bumper would be ideal and is what I'll do on my own Wrangler.
  16. Considering Moab trip

    Who guiding you?