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  1. Auto transmission service?

    Found this thread after some searching.
  2. Auto transmission service?

    I was told by the service advisor at the jeep dealer today the the auto trans for the diesel doesn't need a service. Has lifetime oil. How long is a From what I researched was the actual filter was built into the pan, which is around $350. Just seems sketchy to me not to do a...
  3. Stubby front with nylon wench.

    Poison Spyder Bruiser w/ 12K smittybuilt winch
  4. Ordered a 22 , having a hard time trading in 04

    Keep it if you can, you will regret getting rid of it. I love our new JL, but I miss my TJ. If you have to sell it, sell it on your own.
  5. I need help choosing between an Ecodiesel or the 4xe.

    2 1/2 hrs a day commuting to work daily. Trips to the beach to surf fishing on the weekend or pulling our 3k lb bayboat. The ecodiesel handles everything great. 36k miles with no issues Just drove from Texas to Florida and back., 28 mpg average.
  6. What are your other rides?

    2017 F350 Dually and 2014 Mustang GT
  7. rear seat won't fold

    Make sure there is nothing under the seat. It won't fold if there is.
  8. Would you buy another 3.0L EcoDiesel? Why? Why not?

    just passed 36k on our 2020 diesel rubi driving from Texas to Florida and back to Texas. Averaged 27-30 mpg the whole trip depending on speed limit. In 36k miles, only warranty work was having a sunvisor replaced. Absolutely zero issues with it. If it came in a two door, i'd go tomorrow and buy...
  9. Help Jeep pick a new color

    Candy Apple Orange
  10. Update on oil leak after oil filter housing and timing chain cover replaced

    I curious how bad your oil leak was. A minor oil leak is no reason not to drive a car while you are waiting on parts. You just keep an eye on your oil level. Cars from the 70's and 80's leaked every where, we still drove them until we got them fixed. That's why driveways had oil stains on them.
  11. Sun Visor Broken

    Mine broke a couple weeks ago. Haven't made it to the dealer yet. 32k miles. Seems to be a poor design from jeep.
  12. Well it finally happened to me.......

    My 2020 JLURD with 32k miles finally broke. Driving down the freeway on the way home from the beach, with the sun in my eyes. I went to lower my sun visor and it fell down......:( Glad I got a warranty......:)
  13. Newbie Considering EcoDiesel order any advise?

    32k on our 2020 ecodiesel, love it and not one issue with it
  14. Are JL paint issues really such a big deal?

    Definitely not in the minority. Any new vehicle I buy, I expect the paint to be correct. Especially considering how much vehicles cost now.
  15. 2022 Color Wish List

    Orange Crush
  16. Jeep Ecodiesel FAIL...3rd time to the dealer in a month for low oil pressure warning light...ugh

    Sorry you are having issues but that's why every car manufacturer has a service department and you have a warranty. Being new doesn't exempt it from breaking down. There could be a hundred different reasons that warning is coming up and can be tough tracking down. Hopefully they find the issue...
  17. Ceramic Coating on a new Jeep 4xe

    Big difference in the amount of heat that gets through between regular tint and ceramic tint. I will never go back to regular tint. Our Texas summers are no joke......:)