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  1. Colorado WTB. M220 rear axle shafts

    I have a set I pulled off my ‘19 Rubicon when it had something like 5000 miles. Wheeled a few times with them, but only when I had 35” tires. I don’t believe I spun the splines, I’ll have to check to make sure. Been like 2.5 years since I’ve looked at them. I’m in Arvada. Not 100% sure I want...
  2. Extreme Rubicon Wheel offset?

    A big part of it is what length you set your sway bar end link at. I used to have the links that came with the MC game changer kit and they were not adjustable. MC includes long lengths because of the long amount of droop the kit allows for, but even then they seemed a bit long to me. This had...
  3. Extreme Rubicon Wheel offset?

    Depends on what kind of off-roading you do. Mines not a 392 or an XR, but on my rubicon I originally used the mopar Beadlock capable wheels with 37x12.50 tires. Depends on the source, but those are listed as 4.4” BS and 5”BS. I never measured mine to confirm either way. However, when off-road...
  4. Warn Low vs Mid Height Grille Guard

    I have the Warn Low Grille Guard. There are a few pictures of it in my garage/showcase page.
  5. Front Ball Joints. Let discuss what is the best replacement for the stock ball joints.

    I installed the dynatrac ball joints Thursday night. Jeep had 33,793 miles at replacement. I’d been having inconsistent death wobble for about 1,500 miles. The new ball joints tightened everything up and it drives so much better now. Definitely should not have waited. Install wasn’t bad. Most...
  6. Passenger Side Lean Metalcloak 3.5

    Sucks you have to go through it. What I don’t get is why many of us don’t have this problem while others do. Certainly haven’t had a lean problem on mine for example.
  7. Manual Transmission Cruise Control Surprise

    I have adaptive cruise and it does NOT cancel cruise if I depress the clutch
  8. Forum App

    @JAY has posted in the past that they won’t support tapatalk because it is sketchy and has Chinese control over data. Sure would love an app though! I always liked tapatalk on other forums
  9. GenRight Rock Slider install on 2018 JLUR

    Wow! That is really disappointing. I creased my body the full length of my frame mounted sliders on both sides. It really sucks to deal with, but my damage wasn’t as bad as yours.
  10. GenRight Rock Slider install on 2018 JLUR

    Have you experienced this actually happening? I had that happen with the LOD Destroyer sliders and ultimately replaced them with something else, but I would have thought these genright ones would have actually performed ok.
  11. Denver-metro service department recommendations?

    I e gotten excellent warranty service at Autonation Chrysler Jeep West in Golden. I ordered my Jeep there as soon as order banks opened for the 19’s and took delivery a few months later. At that time they were selling under MSRP and I thought I got a good deal. With all the shortages right now...
  12. Moab Itinerary?

    You’ll be fine at Top off the World. The trail has a lollipop shape. When you get to the point where you have to choose right or left, the right side is easier. Probably best to either go up and down that side if you are worried about it, or up the right and down the left. Up the left would be...
  13. Broken Sway bar End Link

    No disconnection necessary with the Antirocks. It’s really designed for off-road and is a compromise on-road. Though I’m quite happy with it on-road and thought it was going to be much worse. I think it’s important to do both front and rear if going the Antirock route. I thought that was...
  14. LOD destroyer sliders: any issues with installation?

    Not sure what your repositioning method was, but make sure and put some large washers up front against the frame where you had to drill the holes. This will help keep it off the body as the sliders flex. Even then, mine bent up into the body and creased both sides of the Jeep the length of the...
  15. Broken Sway bar End Link

    Wheeling and driving to/from the trail yesterday went great. I’m really happy with how it drives on the road and off-road. Yesterdays trail was only about a 6 out of 10 for hardness. Gave me a chance to verify I got the arms at the right angles though Looking forward to a harder trail soon
  16. Broken Sway bar End Link

    We’re saying the same thing regarding which holes would be stiffer, my word choice probably just wasn’t very clear. Looks like we both have ours installed in the same mounting holes. I like it so far, but will probably play with the options. Thanks for the reply and the pictures!
  17. Broken Sway bar End Link

    I installed the front antirock on Monday night. Install was pretty simple. Front Antirock arms only have 1 hole in them. Drove it with front Antirock and stock rear Tuesday-Friday. Found it to have less body roll than no sway bar (ran with no front sway bar for a few weeks), but still...
  18. When did your battery die?

    Aux battery replaced at month 15. Main battery replaced at month 33.
  19. Needing Advice on about 2 different things

    I echo what others have said. It’s an annoying job, but pretty straightforward and should be inexpensive.
  20. Picture thread: My Jeep Survived That.....

    This pic may not look like much, but it was from an epic day on Holy Cross where it down-poured the entire day. Didn’t get many pictures as a result, but what we put our Jeeps through that day was something most vehicles don’t survive. Then we drove them 2.5 hours back home on the highway😄