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  1. New Jersey Steer Smarts Tie Rod, Tie Rid Damper Bracket, Stabilizer Relocation Bracket

    Items for sale are new in box, never installed, boxes opened to verify contents: Steer Smarts Yeti XD Tie Tod (Rubicon Version)- $400 Steer Smarts Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket- $50 Steer Smarts Tie Rod Damper Bracket- $75 Steer Smarts Fox ATS Bolt- $5 Reason for selling: Sold my...
  2. New Jersey (4) 37” KO2s on AEV Salta XRs

    That was part of the reason I switched my setup, I didn’t feel like the gray metallic on the AEVs meshed well with the snazzberry color. Maybe if I got them in black I would have liked them more. I like the wheel design, just not so much the color with my jeep. I’ve also run KO2s for years so...
  3. Volume increasing without input

    I’ve been having the same problem recently, but only when using CarPlay. Started happening after I switched over to iOS 15 and an iPhone 13.
  4. New Jersey Sold: (4) 37” KO2s on AEV Salta XRs

    Have a set of 4 37” KO2s mounted on AEV Salta XR wheels w/tpms for sale. Tires have about 2,000 miles on them, no flats, punctures, or plugs in any of them. Located in the Central NJ area. $2,200 obo
  5. Mojave Hood Swap for JL

    I have a Mojave JT and I really don’t like the look of the hood on mine. Not sure if it’s color combo or just the larger proportions of the truck. I much prefer the rubicon hood. But man, that Mojave hood looks badass on a 2dr!
  6. Test drove the Gladiator today...disappointed.

    I’d keep looking. I bought a JT Mojave a few months ago to replace a 2dr JLR. I’m definitely enjoying the longer wheelbase and practicality. Never noticed any sort of rough shifting, it does rev out more than my two door did but it’s also significantly heavier.
  7. Anyone running AEV Salta XR wheels for JL?

    Well the front half is JL… I was on the fence if I would like the Onyx/snazzberry combo, wheel color looks similar to granite crystal metallic in person. I dig it.
  8. Local Dealer Lot equals 0 Wranglers but 24 Gladiators

    I bought a Mojave earlier this year, replaced a 2dr JLR, I too thought they were pricey compared to wranglers. Interestingly enough when I was researching I built a 4dr Rubicon and Mojave each with the same options as the one I eventually bought. The Wrangler was more expensive by a few hundred...
  9. New Jersey Falken AT3W takeoffs (5)

    Update: also have the brand new fifth (spare) tire included now for a total set of 5, still asking $500
  10. New Jersey Sold: 35x11.5r17 Toyo AT3

    Set of 4 Toyo Open Country AT3 35x11.5r17 tires mounted to JT Mojave wheels w/tpms. Tires and wheels have approximately 1500 miles on them. Located in central NJ, asking $1100 obo SOLD
  11. New Jersey Falken AT3W takeoffs (5)

    Weekly bump. Price drop $500 obo.
  12. New Jersey Falken AT3W takeoffs (5)

    Weekly bump. Price drop, $550 obo.
  13. New Jersey Falken AT3W takeoffs (5)

    Weekly bump. Price drop, now $600
  14. New Jersey Falken AT3W takeoffs (5)

    Still available, I’m located in the Medford area.
  15. New Jersey Falken AT3W takeoffs (5)

    They are indeed.
  16. New Jersey Sold: Falken AT3W takeoffs (5)

    Got a set of 5 Falken 285/70r17 tires off my JT Mojave for sale. Tires have less than 500 miles on them. Located in Central NJ. Asking $550 $500 obo local pickup preferred.
  17. New Jersey 2DR Rubi Takeoffs

    Don’t have the springs anymore but I still have the shocks.
  18. Sold: Mopar Auxiliary Switch Bank (Rubicon)

    Have a brand new in the box Rubicon aux switch kit part# 82215798AD. Located in Central NJ. $225 obo
  19. Falcon SP2 Mode Adjust Shocks

    I had the Falcon 3.3s for my 2dr JLR and inquired with Teraflex about getting them revalved. Basically they only offer to revalve the Falcons from the 4dr valving to the 2dr valving. If you’re a 2dr guy and unhappy with the shock valving you’re SOL with Teraflex.