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  1. Xtreme Recon Package ( Worth the $$$ ) ?

    This guy must work in auto sales. :)
  2. Stock Wrangler vs Stock Bronco Offroading

    I just found a behind the scenes video of LiteBrite's video from the perspective of the Mojito Rubicon. Seeing it from this perspective makes me see how good of a spotter Brittany is. Also, at one point Kevin says something to the effect of "The Jeep is so much more stable". That said, the...
  3. New Wrangler colors to replace Tescadero & Snazzberry?

    I like the new version of Firecracker Red on the Gladiator chips. Jeep is taking their gray palette to the next level.
  4. Calling all 6 Speed Owners

    Does anybody have an aftermarket South Bend clutch installed on their JL? If yes I would be interested in hearing which model along with thoughts?
  5. JL Turn Assist like the Bronco is here. With help from a Tazer.

    OK, I can see how getting a 4door to have the turning radius that is closer to a 2door can be helpful. ;) I like Casey's videos so he sold me.
  6. JL Turn Assist like the Bronco is here. With help from a Tazer.

    Trail turn assist is somewhat gimmicky. Falls roughly at same level as headlight wipers or paddle shifters on a CVT transmission.
  7. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    I don't own a diesel but would have bought one if Jeep offered it in the 2-door. Given that Brad was having overheating problems in his diesel, he should have just turned the heater on high and rolled his windows down. That strategy worked quite well in my Family's 1986 Grand Wagoneer. Who...
  8. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    Isn't the problem with DEF not the mechanical components or the chemical content of the fluid itself but all the sensors and electronics that are involved to make the Diesel's exhaust system meet emissions standards? The ECU is programmed to not run the engine basically if any of the sensors are...
  9. Jeep dealer will not put clutch or transmission under warranty (<50k miles)

    I own a 6sp manual and love it. I ordered after the recall was announced knowing that the automatic is "better" simply because I love driving manuals and that the risk is worth it. That said, Jeep has clearly focused their manufacturing and engineering decisions around the automatic...
  10. Differences with 2022 Wranglers

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Had no idea.
  11. Stock Wrangler vs Stock Bronco Offroading

    That was my perception as well. The Wrangler appeared to be much more at ease. This despite Kevin being an excellent driver who we know had been on this trail multiple times before. I expect the Bronco after market to catch up on engineering but the fact that two of the Broncos had steering...
  12. Differences with 2022 Wranglers

    I own a '21 6sp MT and it has Offroad+ mode. The buttons on the panel look exactly like OP's picture.
  13. Jeep dealer will not put clutch or transmission under warranty (<50k miles)

    As others have noted, the clutch itself is a wearable component and given you have a 2018 I would guess it would be out of warranty at this point. The clutch being out and not covered seems like a fair position for the dealer to take at this point (though I don't have all details). However...
  14. The great meaningless engine poll

    Guys (and Gals)! I think that this poll is finally unlocking a lot of market insights. If we add all the votes made but exclude 3.6 Manual and EcoBoost we get to 420 votes. Since 420>69 and if we multiple by 3.14, divide by square root of 360 and add 100 degrees then I think that we can now...
  15. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    I heard that Cummins has also been making diesels for a while as well. In fact, Ram should drop the Cummins in their 2500 and 3500 and put a V.M. Motori in those. /s Seriously though. Cummins is a legend of an engine and it would set Jeep apart if they could integrate that highly efficient and...