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  1. 2023 refresh?

    I still don't see Jeep doing anything major to the interior for the remainder of the JL generation. If they introduce UConnect 5, which I doubt will happen, they'll probably put a minimum amount of effort into making it fit or simply keep it as an 8" screen. With all the work Jeep did writing...
  2. My dilemma im having with the service dept installing my mopar lift

    I wouldn't take your Jeep to this dealership for any type of service, warranty or otherwise, ever again. Even a halfwit using the professional tools they have in their service departments should be able to install this kit in a couple hours.
  3. Oily residue on drivers side of engine... normal???

    I had oil caked on my passenger side valve cover that I originally thought was a simple valve cover leak, but it turned out to be the oil filter housing. Since these things are made out of plastic, I'm betting I tweaked it by accidentally overtorquing the cap when doing an oil change at some...
  4. Electronic Throttle Control light

    Mine has done this (where it pops up for a brief second, then vanishes on start) for forever now. It's random, too, and doesn't do it all the time. Regardless, I haven't had any problems.
  5. Does having a steel bumper help in a mild collision?

    Keep in mind that even a stock Wrangler still sits higher than typical cars and SUVs, not to mention their likely unibody construction vs your frame, so your bumper probably won't eat shit as easily as it would smacking into a mid-size truck or larger. I rear-ended a Honda Odyssey in bad...
  6. Lite Brite breaks RPM Steering Tie Rod

    @Kevin8086 You were the first YTers I saw who really put the JL to work on the trail. I remember seeing Step Child in the service lot at Faricy way back in the day. Keep up the good work.
  7. Steps on how to reset JL uConnect 4 system

    Voice output for things like that actually has its own volume, which you can adjust, during the time that it's playing. Crank your volume knob when you aren't hearing what should be that voice and it should go up.
  8. U-Connect Map Update for $99 - what improvements / feedback?

    That's the thing. There's no guarantee buying a new map will have locations updated in your area. These maps are a mish-mash of collected data provided by third-party companies and some areas get updated more often than others. I've been in Jeeps running "2021" maps while mine still has 2017...
  9. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    Buddy of mine just picked up a nice blue '21 Willys JLU a couple months ago. It's loaded for the package, but the MSRP on the sticker was $1,500 more than my '18 JLUR. I have every option except the heated leather seats. Prices are insane.
  10. Rough Country QC...Opinions?

    I used their tailgate relocation bracket and it was actually a well built product, but I know a lot of people who have installed their lift kits on Jeeps over the years and none of them end up keeping them for very long.
  11. What do you wish was different on your JL?

    I want the paper clip holder deal on the underside of the console lid that was there on the JK. Putting them on the visors on a vehicle where you can remove the top and doors is utterly stupid.
  12. ADVICE: About to Buy Mopar OEM Steel Bumpers

    I'm a huge fan of the front bumper. It's actually really solid. I wouldn't bother with the rear. It'll impact the body and/or fold when you run it over a rock.
  13. Year and Mileage of Your Jeep

    My early 2018 with the 3.6 is approaching 70k miles. I just replaced the oil filter housing because it was leaking and oil was caking onto the valve covers. I thought the valve cover gaskets were the problem, but there wasn't any oil leaking down the sides of the engine or burning off. It was...
  14. What do you believe the designers and engineers got right on the JL?

    The interior is probably what stands out the most to me for the JL. I've always argued that Jeep didn't really put a lot of effort and pride into the JK because of all the financial woes of Chrysler at the time, although they did give it the ol' college try towards the end of its life. The JK...
  15. Mopar 2 inch lift Reviews

    I've had this lift for over 3 years now and the only problem I've had was a leaky front shock that I managed to get replaced under warranty. Since I bought and installed his lift after it came out, it was one of the early versions that had the faulty spring isolators, but that was easy enough to...
  16. GPS issues

    The radio just needs time to learn your vehicle. Sometimes it's instant, sometimes it'll take up to a day, but your vehicle options and features will return.
  17. Wrangler Donut Doors Patented by Jeep

    I'm not talking about the Bronco. I'm talking about the Wrangler. It took the Bronco to get us a 392, better gearing and larger tires from the factory, and now perhaps the donut doors.
  18. Suggestion For All Automatic Tranny Owners.

    It's also helpful in a situation such as an accident. A buddy of mine ate a guardrail swerving to avoid an idiot on the highway, smacked one of his rear tires against it, and managed to somehow fold his rear trackbar. At the time, the extent of the damage was unclear, so just to be safe, the...
  19. No more engine covers on the 3.6?

    I'm grateful for my engine cover because it recently got sprayed on the edge of the inner lip with grease that revealed my alternator pulley is eating it. If I hadn't seen that, I probably wouldn't have noticed it until it was too late.