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  1. Connecticut Sold: 2019 Wrangler JL stock rims, tires and full set of lug nuts. $325.00.

    2019 Wrangler JL Stock rims and tires. Four tires are Michelin LTX M/S2 (245/75R17) and the spare, which is brand new, is a Firestone Destination X/T (same size). Dealer installed this beefier tire on spare as I was going to upgrade to those tires. Two of the Michelin Tires only have...
  2. Pennsylvania JLUR Rock Rails - $50

    Are they for a 4 door? If so, I will take them for 50. I am in Connecticut but my buddy is routinely in Pennsylvania for work and should be able to pick them up within the next three weeks. Would that work. I sent you a direct message. Feel free to reply to that and just let me know where...
  3. Florida Rock Rails - Free

    where do i see PM's. I'm new to this forum. I dont see message
  4. Florida Rock Rails - Free

    i would even pay to have them shipped to CT. They are just what i have been looking for. Wife is ready to kill me as i have been spending money on Jeep stuff like I'm trying to single handedly reinvigorate the local economy. Let me know. Much appreciated. Thanks Jeff
  5. Florida Rock Rails - Free

    I wish. My buddy lives down there now and routinely drives back to Connecticut in the spring and summer. Just thinking? I know it sounds crazy.
  6. Connecticut Factory Sahara side steps

    Are they still availible???
  7. Connecticut JLU OEM Rock Rails with hardware $95 OBO

    I am local if they are still available. Thanks
  8. Connecticut JLU OEM Rock Rails with hardware $95 OBO

    Are they still avaiable?
  9. Florida Rock Rails - Free

    Are they still available?