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  1. Outer wheel balancing weights on Jeep Rubicon

    Are you saying they put the crimp on style weights on the outside edges of your wheels like this? I would have peeled a few of those off by now on the rocks.
  2. Lifestyle question for those who wheel - best place to live?

    That sounds like my kind of place... I need to come visit you.
  3. JL drives like caught in wild crosswinds. Where to start?

    Not sure if you've already had the TSB for the steering box done but my dude forgot to tighten up the track bar when putting it back together. If you're poking around underneath it when they finish it wouldn't hurt to make sure that is snug.
  4. Lifestyle question for those who wheel - best place to live?

    Interesting thought exercise that got me looking at the map for a bit. Arkansas is a pretty state for sure but if wheeling were my only consideration, I'd go further West. I'm not a fan of mud either and it seems the Eastern part of Texas is where that starts. Colorado, Arizona, and New...
  5. Shipping to Dallas/North Texas

    Best of luck, the waiting is excruciating
  6. Shipping to Dallas/North Texas

    If I remember correctly it took nearly two weeks to get from the factory to the dealer for us. As for the name… this one is taken ;)
  7. PPE Transmission Pan

    Nice find! Let us know how the trans service goes.
  8. Looking for advice 3.6 vs 3.0 ED

    I test drove an AEV 3.6 with the same ratio 4.56 gears as an XR, their own lift, and 37”s. The engine sounds really GOOD with the snorkel and the whole package handled beautifully. But it was also showing an average of 13.5 mpg. Granted, the sales rep probably drove it like he stole it, but...
  9. Help me pick a bumper

    You may consider an ARB Bumper. Not aluminum but also wouldn’t consider it heavy weight. More OEM quality. It should accept your fogs and includes a winch plate I put on their Biondi Deluxe and was pleased how complete the kit was. It requires Rubicon flares though...
  10. Teraflex adjustable spare tire bracket?

    Yep I’m in the top most hole
  11. Teraflex adjustable spare tire bracket?

    Ah I see. I think it would work but I'd also be hesitant to buy something based on such a flimsy recommendation. You mentioned 33" tires, was that just for reference or will you actually be keeping that size?
  12. Tub Rail Protection

    I wasn't even looking for these but those look pretty good. I might have to get some lol! Nice find @IAMTHEBEASTIWORSHIP
  13. Teraflex adjustable spare tire bracket?

    I think you’re making an assumption that the bottom most holes put the mounting studs in the same position as the factory ones but that pic says NA for position 1 with a steel bumper and stock tires. My 315/70r17 was lightly touching the factory bumper athe bottom with the factory spare tire...
  14. Teraflex adjustable spare tire bracket?

    I put one on a week or so ago. I’m pretty sure it only went up about 2” from stock height.
  15. New Owner, Questions on Half Door Value etc

    Oh Sting Grey? That’s too bad, nobody wants those. I’ll be generous and give you $1000 just to help you out. ;)
  16. New Owner, Questions on Half Door Value etc

    I think they are a 4 or 5k option. Has the Jeep already been built and has them included? I’d think they would be listed on the window sticker. You could probably sell them on here in the classified section but you may have to get creative on payment and be willing to ship if you’re actually...
  17. Hidden Falls - December 29th

    Awesome, thanks for sharing!
  18. Which Lift to go with for the Eco diesel wrangler 2021

    Making an assumption based on the roof rack you might be loading it heavy. If that is the case you may want to consider AEV. They have stiffer springs than some to handle heavier loads. It also leads to very good on road handling. They are lacking adjustable track bars (has relocation bracket...
  19. Anyone use Prosper Jeep for service?

    They also sold an ordered Jeep out from under one of our members. I wouldn’t give them my business if I had an alternative.
  20. Backup sensors beeping with 35”s

    Just wanted to report back - I got the Teraflex Alpha HD mount and was able to raise the spare tire AND tuck it closer to the tailgate about 2” each way. The backup sensors now behave as intended. Thanks everyone for the responses but particularly @Headbarcode for the Jedi wisdom.