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  1. North Carolina Mishimoto Intake for 3.6 JL -- lightly used -- $300 and free shipping

    Where in NC? I am in Wilmington. Very interested
  2. Tennessee Bestop Sunrider for hardtop / Borla Atak

    I would be interested. I am in wilmington NC.
  3. North Carolina HOOKER BLACKHEART

    What’s your best price?
  4. North Carolina New SoftTop trade for Sunrider

    I have a new softop that came on my 2019 JLU sport. Had on for 1 month and bought hardtop. Looking for a sun rider for my hardtop. Looking to trade. Have all hardware and windows are tinted!!!
  5. North Carolina HOOKER BLACKHEART

    250.00 if I pick up? I live in Wilmington
  6. North Carolina Black hardtop trade for sting gray

    I have a new black non painted hardtop that I would like to trade for a sting gray one. Just a shot in the dark. Let me know. Thanks
  7. Sting-Gray Badges

    I would like one facing left and one facing right please
  8. New Jersey 35"BFG KM3`S Gladiator rims

    I will trade you!! Gray factory 17” with 35”. BFG KO2. All 5.
  9. Delaware FS or Trade: 2019 JLU Bestop Tektop NX Black Twill

    I will trade. I have a brand new soft top with tinted windows. Wrapped up and in garage. No damage. I am in Wilmington NC

    I will trade you. Have the soft top in garages wrapped so no damage. Brand new. I am in Wilmington NC.
  11. Ohio GPCA Cargo Cover Pro and T bolts

    40.00 shipped to NC?????
  12. Rough country 2.5 lift pics / reviews

    RC 2.5” spacer lift. 35” KO2 on stock wheels with spacers.
  13. WTB in CA: Sting-Gray painted fenders and Hardtop

    Do you still have the fenders?
  14. Chuck’s 2019 JLU

  15. Arkansas Top Lift Pro, Spare Tire Cover, Mud Flaps,GPCA Cargo Cover & Other Misc Parts??? NW Arkansas

    I will take the cargo cover!! 30.00 shipped to NC 28412????
  16. North Carolina FS: 2018 Rubicon take-offs

    No. It would be a special drive for me. I’m pretty busy during week but let me see what my schedule is the next weekend and I will get back with you
  17. North Carolina FS: 2018 Rubicon take-offs

    How far are you away from Wilmington?