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  1. Let's talk winches folks

    I’ll also recommend the badlands apex from harbor freight. Full disclosure, I’ve only used it twice in the roughly 6 months I’ve had it. Once to pull my jeep out, and another time I pulled a random guys zero turn out of a ditch. It worked great both times, and believe it was definitely worth the...
  2. LED Aux Light Integrated Front Skid Plate Concept

    That’s all I was really looking for. That’s perfect. I don’t remember seeing that on here but maybe I missed it. Thanks!
  3. LED Aux Light Integrated Front Skid Plate Concept

    Yes, that would be great. I’m just curious to see what the actual light output looks like, if that makes sense.
  4. LED Aux Light Integrated Front Skid Plate Concept

    Can’t wait to get mine! Still looking at a November shipping time frame? Do you have any pictures of the light output from drivers perspective?
  5. RC 2.5 spacer lift or suspension lift

    Here’s my JLU on 2.5” spacer lift. It’s not RC, it is Alloy USA, and was only $160 on Black Friday. It might be the same spacers though, just rebranded. Anyways, I wanted a lift, but wanted to save for something nicer at the same time. It’s worked great for me so far. No serious rock crawling...
  6. Sarge Green Willy’s

    I guess I should post some pictures myself finally!
  7. Aftermarket Steel Bumpers for Slightly Modified Jeep’s

    This is all I have right now. I can get some overall shots from the side tomorrow.
  8. Aftermarket Steel Bumpers for Slightly Modified Jeep’s

    I agree. My only complaint about it is that it doesn’t cover the “walrus tusks”/crash bars like the motobilt one does for example. But besides that, I love it, especially for the price.
  9. Aftermarket Steel Bumpers for Slightly Modified Jeep’s

    Here’s my 20 Willy’s with 33’s and the rugged ridge hd stubby bumper.
  10. NEW: Skid Plate LED Aux *Limited Group buy*

    Just tried to use the discount codes and they both show expired…
  11. The Trail Box

    Honestly, I’m jealous of what you got.. at least you got a t-shirt and some car soap for $10. I’d be more happy with that than what I got for sure hahaha
  12. Electrical Help - Appliance repair

    Looks to me like a diode. It allows the electricity to only flow in one direction in the circuit. I could be wrong though.
  13. The Trail Box

    I forgot all about this thread.. sorry guys. The $10 trial box was pretty generic honestly. They sent me a can koozie, a small tube of soap for greasy hands, and small bay of coffee grounds. That it would at least have been jeep related, but not really. Oh well.
  14. What wheels are on this MOAB! Please help identify!

    black Moab wheels.
  15. Best Bumper to get....

    I have the rugged ridge HD stubby bumper. I think I got it for $250 when it was on sale and had a rebate. Mounted a badlands apex winch on it and have not had an issue yet.
  16. No Spill Systems

    I might have to look into this one more then, considering I’m one of the weirdos who changes fluids more often than really needed. Thanks!
  17. Alarm going off while driving

    Man, it really sucks you’re having this much luck with it. Really hoping they get it all worked out for you. This was part of my reason for getting a Willy’s Sport, to get it as stripped down with as little electronics as possible to avoid weird stuff like this. Good luck to you and hopefully...
  18. No Spill Systems

    These quick drain plugs look really nice, but for some reason they worry me to much. Like the oil is all of a sudden gonna pour out one day hahaha
  19. Payload Question - Specs vs Actual vs Door Jamb Sticker

    2020 JLU Willy’s sport, 850lb payload capacity.
  20. White Smoke from Underneath Jeep after applying Fluid Film.

    Sounds to me like it’s just burning off of the hot exhaust. If that’s the only thing that was changed since the last time you drove it I think it’s safe to say you’re good.