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  1. '22 Diesel Check In

    Ton of diesels in crypto today.
  2. 2020 JLUR Diesel Curb Weight

    I get that, especially for those adding lots of weight in mods. I'm not crapping on the discussion in general. I'm wondering that if, given the info being discussed and how many people operate at and over GAWR/GVWR, are people having issues? I haven't seen people with weight-specific problems...
  3. 2020 JLUR Diesel Curb Weight

    Great info here but wha’ts the bottom line? Are people having issues with adding weight or just discussing it?
  4. ADK Camping

    The Moose River Plains has a 25 mile dirt road with lots of offshoots. You enter near Limekiln Lake and there are good campsites all along the road. It's a wild location. You won't do any proper off road wheeling inside the park but if you're looking for a long dirt road into the wilderness...
  5. Ford Bronco Raptor Revealed : 400HP V6 w/ 37's

    Looks solid. I weighed the F150 Raptor vs Wrangler last year. My wife cast the deciding vote said no effing way we're driving a truck as wide and long as the F150 around the streets of Philadelphia. I wanted the F150 powerboost (Ford's hybrid) or the Raptor but happy wife, happy life--love the...
  6. Resale?

    My thinking and hope was that there will always be diesel enthusiasts. The market of buyers might be fewer but those that want a diesel want a diesel. I have the same thoughts about manual cars these days. Recently sold a stick VW GTI (great fun if you ever want a small car with giddy-up) and...
  7. Why haven't I received my 2022 Wrangler yet

    They should have kicked it in bounds, dropped one rusher into pass coverage, and played one safety deep.
  8. Why haven't I received my 2022 Wrangler yet

    Don't. Feed. The. Troll.
  9. Think twice before buying a 4xe

    This is why I canceled my 4xe order and went with a petroleum based Wrangler (for now). The 4xe is the most fun to drive when it's driving.
  10. '22 Diesel Check In

    Very rough count, it looks like there are about 30 diesels that showed up as in progress on Crypto in the past week. There are ~150 with no status. At this rate, in a very unscientific way, all the diesels would be at least pretty far along by the end of Feb. I still assume it will be quite a...
  11. Help: A hard trunk cover that doesn't enclose more?

    Hey, my Wrangler JLURD will arrive this spring. I've been searching and there seems to be something either missing or I am not entering the right search terms. For trunk security, there are at least the Tuffy and the Diabolical devices. These wrap the cargo area and create a secure space...
  12. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Also thank you to Tom for answering the questions. Not necessary but I appreciate the transparency. My estimate/quote that I signed off on has no disclaimer so I feel good about that. Good luck to the others here. Tough spot for Stellantis and the dealers and the customers.
  13. Diesel Fatal Flaw?

    So is the suggestion here to check it, if it's close or touching, just push it away? Or can you get in there and tie it off to something to keep it away? (Guess heat wrap is in addition as well.) My JLURD is not here yet and I will be heading this issue off at the pass.
  14. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    That's a very short term win. I and most posters here would not be going back and this thread will remain a reminder of their policy. They are on the map because they give a good deal and are easy to work with. If that changes, it's just as easy to stop recommending them on here.
  15. 4XE Won’t Start

    The 4xe was the best test drive I had. I put in an order for one but have since canceled and re-ordered. Too many serious issues, too many lesser issues, terrible service response. I will keep my eye on them because I'd like one someday but Jeep's PHEV tech is not ready for prime time.
  16. '22 Diesel Check In

    9 months wouldn’t shock me.
  17. '22 Diesel Check In

    My dealer said they are telling everyone 100 days from order to delivery right now. That seems optimistic for diesels and 4xes.
  18. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    I ordered a 4xe from them on 9/27. I have since canceled my order (but it’s still being made and I track it for fun). It is still in gathering parts/D status so you’re hardly alone. No SOT but most other packages.
  19. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    For all the "complaining about complaining" about issues with the diesel, I see few actual reports of issues in this forum. The snow guy aside, I get why people are annoyed with DEF (I don't understand all the bitching but OK, I get that it's extra maintenance) and I see some oil leak issues...
  20. '22 Diesel Check In

    Ordered when?