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  1. Why haven't I received my 2022 Wrangler yet

    Try asking jeep support or your dealer. Nobody here can tell you anything useful.
  2. Mini Tazer - Dark Mode Needs an Update (Disappointing Customer Service)

    I have nothing helpful to add to this thread. I'm just blown away at the idea of driving with only NVG. It seems like a dangerous novelty.
  3. Replacement Key

    If it was me, I'd go for the OEM key and fob. Maybe not bought from the dealer, but I'd let them cut/program it. If you get an aftermarket, it could work but may not last or the range might be poor. everything you do with a vehicle requires you to have access to it, keys are probably the one...
  4. 2019 Rubicon JLU Flood Restoration Project

    Gotta be able to lock it and keep it safe in this day and age. Can't have anyone trying to drive off with it.
  5. Jeep Started all by itself

    10 minutes. It'll also ignore remote start if it times out twice.
  6. Don't marry a short girlfriend ...

    Just attach a rope ladder to the bottom of the door instead
  7. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    How are you guys deciding when to change the oil? 3k miles like the dealer, 10-15K like the oil bottle, or when the Jeep says to?
  8. How many miles on your custom order at delivery?

    My 80th JLU had 5 miles, which was a round trip to the gas station as far as I could tell.
  9. Interior Design - Let's hear your thoughts!

    I'm 6 foot and would like the driver seat to go lower. As it is currently, the sun visors are in my direct line of sight if I or a passenger uses them. I'd like to see some padding or something added below where the transfer case shifter is. My knee presses against it and has knocked it into...
  10. A few first time new wrangler owner questions.

    My understanding is that 4H Auto is fine to drive in. When engaged, it's actually 2H until it detects slippage. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.
  11. WTF? Missing carpet from factory?

    Do you have the Mopar cargo mat? It comes with the gap hider for cloth jeeps.
  12. First windshield in the books....

    To hold the bumper down, obviously.
  13. Who folds their back seats down, and why?

    Unless I need to carry something large, I keep them up. Dog has the backseat to herself so she can drool on the sides of the jeep from both windows for maximum coverage. My bag and whatever work stuff I need goes into the back.
  14. What are the dumbest comments youve gotten about your jeep?

    Tell him you bought it because it rolls. You like to do barrel rolls when changing lanes.
  15. Thank You For Ducking Me...

    It's just another fun thing the jeep community does, much like the jeep wave. I'm still waiting on my first duck.
  16. Stellantis EV Day tomorrow. Expectations for Jeep?

    The Magneto is a cool idea and a cooler name, but I feel like the range is too low for what will probably have a very high price tag. I think the expectation is like 150 miles? I know it's a brick in the wind, but people already get EV range anxiety with 300+ mile cars just because of how sparse...
  17. Who else besides me got eTorque and didn't know what they bought?

    To the people saying FCA did a shit job marketing it/it should be an option... I'm pretty sure it's the way it is intentionally and that it's more for FCA's benefit then ours. They get to say their fleet gets X miles and has X carbon foot print because of it. If anything, they were kind enough...