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  1. What was your first modification??

    Storage tray for under the arm rest and a dead pedal both went in the same day
  2. OEM Audio Plus - Anyone familiar with this system?

    Never heard of them, but I'd go with this before that and save a ton of money and get better sound lol
  3. Pizza cutters Kenda 35x10.5r17

    Looks like it'll be a beast in the snow!
  4. Hitch Mount Cargo Storage

    That's identical to the one uhaul sells for $80, minus the side panels. I've got the uhaul one and used it for moving my lawnmower to my parents and back and it's been fine for that. It's rated at 500lbs but idk if it'd put more then a couple hundred on a JL hitch since it's just held on with...
  5. Ohio JL 2 Door Hardtop

    ughhhh if only the border was open 🙃 Maybe it'll still be around in a couple months? lol
  6. Linkswell's Ultimate Head Unit for the JLU

    Why did they have to move the ESS disable all the way to the passenger side lol
  7. 2020 Jeep Wrangler water drip rain rail problem

    If it was a JK all the water would still be going in the same spot while the doors are closed lol I yanked the carpet in my 2011 and got used to pulling plugs every time it rained 🙃
  8. Understanding JL Rake

    IDK but my 2 door drives me nuts, I want a 2" lift just to get proper spring rates and a level ride height.
  9. Daylight Savings Time is this Weekend | What’s your best < 1 hr mod?

    Came to say this as well, just did mine today. 39 minutes from walking outside to back in lol And half of that was trying to find a 10mm and fighting to get the bulbs in before I just yanked the red seal.
  10. Problems with 2021's?

    Definitely sounds like it was repaired and the tub might be tweaked.
  11. Is there a reason why you couldn't put hybrid or EV batteries inside the frame rails of a Wrangler?

    Do you mean between the frame rails or actually *inside*? If there were inside the rails if the frame was ever bent in an accident the batteries would be compressed and essentially turn the frame rails into pipe bombs. Between the rails though like that f150 patent is where they would likely...
  12. If FCA Said We Will BuyBack Your Jeep - What Would You Get?

    Another 2 door Wrangler but with power locks and windows, but only if I could still get it in Mojito lol
  13. Chrysler Financial - early lease return fail

    If you're making all of the payments you originally signed for and they get the car back early you'd think they'd be happy about that because they're saving 4 months of depreciation?
  14. Really great Bronco features you'd like in the Wrangler

    A pillar mirrors, frameless doors, lockers available on all models
  15. Here it comes

    I'm watching the Motortrend exclusive, apart from some neat things like factory 35's, frameless doors, a pillar mirrors, and the granny 7 speed it just looks like they took a rover and slapped a bronco grille on it. I'm sure they'll sell tons but it's not my cup of tea.
  16. Jeep Teases 392 6.4L Hemi V8 Wrangler?!

    They *could* but they don't have one anywhere else in their lineup and I don't see them sourcing one just for one engine in one vehicle lol They have the tr6060 in the Challenger but it's not geared right for a Jeep and I don't think Tremec makes a 4x4 version of it.
  17. Jeep Teases 392 6.4L Hemi V8 Wrangler?!

    It won't. They haven't had a 4x4 manual trans that'll handle a v8 since they stopped putting the 5 speed/4.7L and an nv3500 won't last long with a 392 infront of it lol
  18. Jeep Teases 392 6.4L Hemi V8 Wrangler?!

    Dammit half doors! That means it's just a moab concept and we'll never actually see it...... lol
  19. Jeep Teases 392 6.4L Hemi V8 Wrangler?!

    A bunch of the automakers, FCA included have been working on new i6's for awhile now. They're cheaper to make than v6's, use less parts and generally have more torque.
  20. Sport vs Sport S......How to tell?

    Sport S's come standard with A/C, power windows and power locks. Crank windows and and manual locks would be a quick giveaway.