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  1. AEV JL Wrangler Products & Builds [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    Need pics of those suspension display boards we see in the background. Please.
  2. AEV JL products on the way... SEMA 2018

    I'd definitely pick the JLUR. Configured more for serious overland than for rock crawling. Dogs in the back and gear on top. And I'm partial to the classic look of Savegre (II).
  3. AEV JL products on the way... SEMA 2018

    I'll see you in-person, Friday after next.
  4. AEV JL products on the way... SEMA 2018

    Pre-orders? Take my money now.
  5. AEV JL products on the way... SEMA 2018

    From AEV Instagram.
  6. AEV JL products on the way... SEMA 2018

    AEV "leaked" this closeup teaser last week: I'd like a set of five. Now. Take my money.
  7. AEV JL products on the way... SEMA 2018

    Snorkel! From AEV on Instagram:
  8. American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House Nov 9th

    RSVP'd. Booked. Is it November yet?
  9. The secret reason to order from Quadratec...

    And the magnets come in different colors. You can collect them!
  10. Red Dash Trim Removal / Replacement

    He only briefly mentions it in the video: disconnect both negative wires by from main battery by removing the clamp from the battery post, AND then disconnect the smaller ground wire from that clamp.
  11. JLWF / Cupholder Hero Giveaway: JL Cupholder and Interior Liners

    Woo-Hoo. I’m interested. Please sign me up.
  12. JL Front Cupholder Removal

    Thanks Jeepsterfreak and jeeplllllllo. I will now more wisely spend my time -- patiently working those rubber pieces back in there with a spudger. Or maybe I'll just cut them off and have a mostly-removable cupholder. I'm sure my detailer -- who works on lots of high-end vehicles -- was...
  13. JL Front Cupholder Removal

    Did you figure it out? My detailer ripped mine out of there to clean it, now I need to figure how to get it back in there. It looks like the shift lever bezel needs to come off, but I'm not sure how it comes off.
  14. JLWF / Superchips Giveaway: Flashcal Programmer For Jeep Wrangler JL [Ended]

    Doh! I was too impatient. I could've saved that $100 I paid the dealer to do the 35" tire update. Please sign me up!
  15. I'm not calling it Punk'n anymore

    The color is Mud. If you're doing it right, you can't see the paint anyway.
  16. Boomerang Launches Tire Cover Line Designed for New Jeep Wrangler JL Backup Camera System

    You're killin' me with the Mojito tease!
  17. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Geez! I go on walkabout for a day or two, and I come back to 35 unread pages. Thirty-Frickin-Five! WELL DONE!
  18. Dealer Logos / Decals on your JL

    Do you and I have the same dad?