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  1. Automated Suction cup marks left on front windshield...removal?

    I see these as well when the sun hits just right. I've cleaned the windshield many times, but never tried alcohol. If they're actually on the glass, wouldn't they be covered (and thus impossible to clean) by any tinting?
  2. Speaker issue?

    I've noticed this on sports radio as well. I'll try the suggested fix this weekend. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to track down this issue!
  3. Floor drain issues?

    This is correct. The Mopar all weather mats plug into the drain hole and seal all the way around. The seal is at least as good as what would have been provided by the drain plug. The drain plug is then used to plug the drain hole in the mats. The all weather mats are actually really nice and...
  4. Soft top window storage

    I took some pics of the Kangopod for anyone interested. First picture is the Kangopod in the cargo area, strapped to the rear headrests. It appears fairly large here, but it's just full of air at this point so if you push anything against it, it would compress. Haven't had the dogs in the...
  5. Soft top window storage

    It does have dividers between each window panel. It's supposed to be raining here for the next couple of days, but I'll try and remember to take pictures once the weather is better.
  6. Soft top window storage

    I purchased the soft top window storage bag from Kangopod. Made for the JK but it does fit the JL windows. It's almost exactly as long as the tailgate bar, so the rear window is a tight fit. The rear window has to fold a little on each side, but only the cloth portion on either side has to be...
  7. Soft Top Window Storage Bag

    I'm also hoping that we see a soft top window storage bag in the near future. Tomorrow is supposed to be around 80 degrees here in NC. If Jeep could also do something about the pollen, I'd be ready to take the top off!
  8. Cell Phone Mounting

    It looks great! How did you manage to run the cable without taking the console apart?