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  1. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    We carry on our rack. With two large dogs and us it's well worth the size and weight.
  2. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    On the SM500
  3. Trail Turn Assist Now Available on JL With Tazer

    I've driven the Bronco with turn assist. Neat feature but really a gimick, just like the sway bar disconnect under load. I guess it could be OK in very specific circumstances. I do not think it should ever be used on heavily used trails. What would happen to Black Bear Pass is every vehicle...
  4. Looking for advice 3.6 vs 3.0 ED

    I have 12K miles on my 21 JLURD. 2" lift with 37's no re-gearing. We off-road as well as overland. When overlanding we travel with with 2 100lb dogs, a yakima roof rack with about 100lbs of stuff (gazell T8 is our tent) and probably another 100 lbs of gear inside. We're pretty loaded down...
  5. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    I like TrailRecon and he has inspired quite a few trips over the years. I don't blame him for getting rid of the diesel - I would too if it went into limp mode multiple times while trying to get through a trail or drive in the mountains. I wish he would have done a full follow up and reviewed...
  6. Extra weight affecting performance?

    I know this is an older post. Hoping to get some more recent idea of how you find the diesel off-road as a direct comparison to your 3.6. Went with the diesel for the increase in torque. I can only compare it to my TJ personally and have had better luck on obstacles than similar equipped 3.6...
  7. Buying Mopar lift from dealership - correct part and price?

    Granted this was a year ago but my dealer did the Mopar lift on my JLURD for 1400 installed. Also threw on my already bought wheels and 37" tires. I did pay for the Mopar recalibration for 125 and not really needed but it includes a warranty specifically for the lift. I've wheeled this set up...
  8. A self evaluation into jeeping

    It is a bit of an addiction :) However, I feel the fun I have gotten out of my two Wranglers has been well worth the upgrades. I don't spend more than I can on things and pace the upgrades over time. I wheeled my TJ sport for years bone stock. Non of our hobby and entertainment items can be...
  9. TFL: Bronco vs JL and JK on hardcore trail

    Well, I have a few jeeps and a Bronco on order (since 7/14/20!). I've been the to the off-rodeo so have some experience with it off-road but non on-road. We both enjoyed driving it. Will I take it over the JLUR...NO! It's been so long I'm even thinking about other vehicles (Grand Wagoneer)...
  10. New Maximus-3 Products in the Works! Hoop & Snorkel

    Following up on this. Never saw anything from Black Friday. Any Christmas sales or Forum discounts for December. I've been waiting for the XLP hoop since you all posted the initial pics.
  11. Warranty Restriction on 2020 Rubi

    Also...fist thing to check is which sreering box and if it's been replaced with the newer version. I hate to hear about these warranty restrictions....should be illegal and in your case my be!
  12. Worth trading in my 3.6 for the 3.0??

    We love our JLURD. Has performed exceptionally. Was just at Windrock and it barely burned more than 1/8 tank each day! Over 10k miles have put in less than 7 gallons of DEF.
  13. Just look at this R&T article about why the Bronco is a better Wrangler

    Agree.... and why did my '96 Grand Cherokee with solid front axles drive like a dream but they can't get the Wrangler right 25 years later?
  14. Just look at this R&T article about why the Bronco is a better Wrangler

    I have a Bronco on order (since 7/14/20!!). I have never driven one on-road, only off-road at the Bronco off-rodeo. It's a very nice vehicle and will be fun to add to the collection. Will it replace the Rubicon or the old TJ, probably not. Both of those have proven themselves off-road. The...
  15. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    Yep all the 'named' roads are packed on weekends...even Cherohala. I think the last time we were on the Dragon it was June mid-week. Almost no other vehicles so it was fun. I actually don't think I've ever been on a weekend or had a bad experience on the ride so just lucky I guess. There are...
  16. Your take on the RTT vs. Ground tent debate

    Love the idea of a RTT but with two big dogs it's not a practical solution for us. We've been using a Gazel T8. It's huge but set up and tear down is pretty quick. Only drawback is it's weight. Very heavy and a bit tricky to get back on roof rack.
  17. The worst engine choice. The 392.

    I Have a 3.0 Rubi that is great both on and off road. Also have a TJ that is a blast and a Bronco on order. Just yesterday the wife mentioned she would really like a 392 since we've never owned a sportscar....thinking the Bronco may be replaced before it ever makes it in driveway...or get it...
  18. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    We enjoy the JLURD both on and off road. Even with the big 37's and lift it's still a nice ride on road both long trips or just driving. Try the tail of the dragon in a jeep!
  19. Currie Tow Plate - 392 Rubicon Fitment - Bumper Height?

    Mine are a bit more than 21 1/2 at center. JLUR Diesel on 2" Mopar lift and 37 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. No problem so far off-road at Windrock or Hidden Falls. Be careful what winch plate you choose.