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  1. Update: Driver seat bottom seat tilt angle

    absolutely not!
  2. Update: Driver seat bottom seat tilt angle

    I’m 27 and I get pain in my left leg, deep near my hip, guessing it’s my hip flexor. I went away for 3 weeks and didn’t have the pain, drive for not even 3 days and it’s back. I think it’s due to lack of a dead pedal.
  3. Fastest time to crack front windshield?

    I was given a JK rental while my JL was stuck at the dealer for a few days. I took a right out of the dealer lot, then about 300 feet later another right onto the highway. About 20 seconds after merging onto the highways. BAM, rock chip.
  4. Audio cutting in and out

    pulling the fuses will temporarily fix the issue. and no it hasn't been fixed....
  5. Hope nobody's order is delayed (train carrying new Jeeps derails)

    the one in the pic was launched from the train car, looks likes a launch edition to me!
  6. water coming in when doors are open when it rains.

    Did your MPG drop from this mod?
  7. Potential 2020 JL Colors?

    I talked to my friend who knows someone who works for FCA, they were told that Mojito is going to get discontinued. I would order or buy one ASAP if you want a unique jeep.
  8. AEV JL Wrangler Products & Builds [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    more than once a week I hop on the forums hoping for some sort of AEV news. Maybe we could all form some sort of group buy on the bumpers and try and get a deal? Does AEV give a forum discount?
  9. Ocean Blue: black or body-colored top & fenders?

    I have the painted fenders and painted hardtop. picked up a soft top so in the summer so I get the black roof which breaks up the metallic blue in the summer sun, in winter im all blue which isn't overpowering because there are not Many bluebird days. I think this paint looks awesome on...
  10. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    What does Jeep talk radio think?
  11. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Looks great! Give us a review of those tires after a couple thousand miles!
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the soft top I bought from @nhgrumpy!
  13. Oil Temperature 225-230 degrees F

    What oil do you use ?
  14. Getting codes without going to the dealer

    Wann give it a try and let me know?
  15. Getting codes without going to the dealer

    It’s been corrected. However, my radio issue isn’t. I need the codes from the electronic issues I’m having.
  16. Getting codes without going to the dealer

    The Jeep was not running but the ignition was on RUN. Why would the CEL stay on when all the other lights that flash and disappear when I engage RUN Besides CEL. Only reason I’m worried and want to see is b/c dealer put 6.5 qts of 5W-30 into my wrangler. Only realized this because my oil...
  17. Getting codes without going to the dealer

    Autozone and o reliey both tried and got nothing. I had autozone do it 3 months ago, I went to the dealer and they showed me a sheet of electronic codes they could pick up
  18. Getting codes without going to the dealer

    Hey everyone, I really don’t want to go back to the dealer for the 900th time. Does anyone know how I can get a list of codes to tell me what is wrong with my Jeep? I went to autozone and o Reilly’s and they couldn’t help me. When I’m in RUN the CEL is on. Tbis means I have a soft engine...