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  1. Utah 2020 Diesel Rubicon M220 & M210 Axles & Black Rhino Crawler Beadlocks (5)

    Yeah, I’ve spoken with both Dynatrac and Currie and understand the lead times. My rig is not a DD and can be on stands as long as it needs to be if it comes to that. Looks like it’s not an issue anyway....Nobody wants my stock axles.
  2. Utah 2020 Diesel Rubicon M220 & M210 Axles & Black Rhino Crawler Beadlocks (5)

    Same axles on all the rubicon’s but the diesel rubis are geared 3.73 and the 3.6 rubis are geared 4.10.
  3. Utah 2020 Diesel Rubicon M220 & M210 Axles & Black Rhino Crawler Beadlocks (5)

    I am really contemplating going with Dynatrac XD60s front and rear on my 2020 Diesel JLUR and wanted to gauge the interest in my axles. These have ~13k miles on them and are trussed with Artec front and rear truss kits including C-gussets and Artec FAD skid. Gearing is 3.73 and both have the...
  4. Utah FS: Rhino Rack Backbone 3 System (RJLB1)

    This is the internal backbone support system for a roof rack. The pioneer platform is one that works but not one I prefer. I was going to do my own rack but wanted the extra strength the backbone adds. Some people Mount a rack directly to the hardtop but that’s a bit sketchy for me. This...
  5. Utah FS: Rhino Rack Backbone 3 System (RJLB1)

    I have a new RR Backbone 3 system for sale. It is new in the box and has never been opened. Asking $400 shipped in the lower 48. Item is located near Salt Lake City, UT. I have reconsidered the roof rack in favor of an offroad capable trailer so this is not going to be needed. Awesome setup...
  6. JL diesel lift kit?

    Sorry DiggerDoug, I hardly ever check this forum and apparently notifications aren’t on. I love my Rebel kit and the Kings. I went with A full MC arm kit and it flexes awesomely. Been through the wringer in Moab and HITR trail. Love the diesel...knock on wood! one thing I would change with the...
  7. Diesel Skid plates.

    Funny, I offered them my 3.0D more than a month ago (I live right by their shop) to use as the pattern and they told me they had no intention of making skids for the diesel anytime soon...said they were focusing on Toyota upgrades? Must have changed their tune.
  8. Utah Rubi takeoffs

    Sorry, I don’t check this often. Yes, they sold.
  9. Three cheers for Tribe-16's custom DEF/exhaust body armor!

    I was in Moab over the weekend and while I didn't drag the muffler or DEF tank, It was always on my mind. After looking at the area, I wonder the same thing... why not just get rid of the muffler? Like you though, I don't know if this has any affect on the tune, EGR, Etc.? Would love to get...
  10. Utah Rubi takeoffs

    Just noticed you're in UT so shipping wouldn't be an issue if you want them
  11. Utah Rubi takeoffs

    Unpainted. Make me an offer... these have the LEDs in them as well and have the inner liners attached if that matters to you. Shipping might be interesting
  12. Utah Rubi takeoffs

    The spring part numbers are 3667AD and 3601AA
  13. Utah Rubi takeoffs

    New take off parts from a 2020 JLUR diesel. Less than 409 miles on suspension. All in excellent condition. - Suspension: sway bar connects, track bars, upper and lower arms, shocks, (Complete front and rear suspension minus tie rod, springs and shocks and steering stabilizer) $150 - Rock rails...
  14. Fender liners

    I’ve done it using Nemisis Industries fender liners. Required mods to both sides (cutting, forming and welding in new pieces). Turned out pretty slick though. Those Artec look nice and the fact they fit without mods is awesome! Wish I would have known that...they are right down the road from...
  15. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Ive done it and didn’t move the tank. I looked at moving the tank inboard but in the end couldn’t find a suitable solution for mounting it securely. This tank full of fluid weighs in excess of 8 lbs (fluid and tank) so there was no way I was going to half-ass the mounting. So, I opted to modify...
  16. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Thanks, it’s my first Wrangler and I’ve had fun building it. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you...haven’t been on the forum for a few days. It’s Rock Slide Engineerings stubby.
  17. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    the pic makes it look worse than it is, likely due to the angle the pic was taken and the slope of the parking lot. I measured it using a smart level and it’s less than 1/2”. After talking to the Rebel Offroad guys I am going to leave it for now to let the springs break in. He says the 4 up...
  18. SLC area trails?

    Anyone have any good trails in or around SLC, particularly out west? Snow is still locking up all the high-country and I am itching to wheel my new ride. I am a new jeep owner so I don't know all the good spots other than Moab, 5-mile and the high-country. Anything else out here?
  19. Utah '20 Rubi Take off suspension -

    Another complete takeoff suspension from a JLURD (arms, tire-rod, drag link, trackbars, springs, shocks, swaybar links, etc.). 409 miles when removed.... $200 gets it. Don't want to ship so local pickup only. I will deliver within the greater SLC metro area for $20.
  20. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    I don't like the rear higher either and the winch may drop it a bit but I have the spacer if necessary. Not to mentions, my coilovers are set with the minimal preload to keep the nose down. I'd like to add an inch or so more preload which will lift the front a bit...