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  1. Trail Turn Assist Now Available on JL With Tazer

    Seems you're correct based on the features that are available on the Lite. The good news is Lite users can upgrade to the full version with a $125 software update.
  2. Trail Turn Assist Now Available on JL With Tazer

    May have missed it, but anyone know if this is available on the Tazer Lite?
  3. “Blue Waffle” 🧇 392XR Build

    Following. Love the build, love the color, and the name made me LOL. I still drop that reference and a lot of people don't get it.
  4. Looking for general build advice for 37s and rock crawling trail use.

    Diff covers for sure, and possibly Diff skids- but only if your gen of Rubi still has the drain plugs on the bottom of the housing.
  5. JKS, Rock Krawler & Metalcloak 2.5" lifts....

    Just chiming in: I've got the Rock Krawler 2.5" Adventure Series TT, I run 37's and I love it. Daily driver/ Weekend Warrior JLUR. I've got full details including a few write ups on my set up in my build thread.
  6. RubiSc0tt's Big Orange Jeep build

    Still running the Rock Krawler 2.5" Adventure Series TT. No plans to change it. No issues, other than the no limit sway bar links being a tad noisy, but that's the nature of the beast with heim joints. Ride quailty is still very good- firm and responsive. If I had to do it again, 1000% would...
  7. Bull bar vs. No Bull bar?

    Technically yes. Stingers are supposed to come out farther and up above the hood. The purpose of a stinger is to prevent a forward flop on a steep front end/ nose down drop where the rear suspension would unload, and protect the engine/ hood/ radiator from being crushed in the event of a roll...
  8. Wheeling/Offroad in NY/CT

    My answer from this thread still applies. I know ADKJ is currently planning their 2022 schedule.

    I grew up on ATV's, starting in the late 80's until I moved over to Jeeps in 2003. This is a CORE part of Tread Lightly, which is a principle every group I've ever been a part of has not only encouraged, but enforced. Good on your for picking up the trash. I try to carry a roll of bags in my...
  10. Is 4xe right for me?

    OK, Next dumb question: for the $7500 tax credit: Are you still eligible if you buy "Used" from a place like Vroom, or Carvana? Or does it need to be new from a Jeep dealer. Or does it not matter?
  11. Is 4xe right for me?

    Thanks for the feedback @GAGT and @baskiboat. I'm going to have to check out my buddy's when he takes delivery, and start doing more analysis, see what the offers end up being on my Jeep.
  12. Rock Krawler 2.5" Adventure Series 1 TT- 4 Door (Wrangler JL 2018+)

    Chiming in to say I have this lift, and love it. Details in my build thread. The people chiming in on this thread were invaluable with their feedback on JL suspension systems, when i asked. I used RK previously on my TJ's but knew nothing of JL stuff.
  13. Is 4xe right for me?

    Saratoga, Otherwise I would take you up on that. Interested to hear your thoughts though.
  14. Is 4xe right for me?

    Starting to have similar thoughts to OP: I live in upstate NY, about 4mi from work. 2019 JLUR. Seems like everything will bolt right up. Don't care about the back seat fold down because my kids are usually back there. I work a compressed schedule (3 on, 4 off, then 4 on 3 off) and don't usually...
  15. Commuting Every Day With My Jeep

    Sorry to hear that. '19JLUR with next to no issues outside of the Clutch Recall mid-pandemic and the steering box TSB. I keep seeing stories like this from people with 2018 MY and (usually) Sport. That's not a knock on that model/year, but I wonder if there's something to that, or if it's just...
  16. Jeep Insecurities

    BROVERLAND POINTS BRO! I can say that because my buddy said it's ok. He was in a Toyota Overlanding Group before he moved and they used to make fun of those guys all the time. The Core group had build 4R, Tacos, and Tundra and would get out pretty frequently. Also: OP, I have a Rubi w/ 37"...
  17. Jeep Debuts ‘Path Connected’ Video Previewing Uconnect 5 and How Software Can Enhance Experiences in Future

    Having an RF chip implanted in you is already a thing. They do it at certain piercing/ tattoo shops. It's like microchipping your dog/ cat, sorta. I worked with a dude who had key fobs/ cards with RF chips in them for access to his apartment, office, etc. He had an implant with a chip in his...
  18. Jeep Debuts ‘Path Connected’ Video Previewing Uconnect 5 and How Software Can Enhance Experiences in Future

    I love this. Being a bit of a Software/ tech nerd and a gearhead, this stuff is both awesome and fascinating. Give us loaded public trail data in the Rubicon. Let us network with other people looking to go off roading straight from our Jeep (as long as I can shut it off). I don't love this, and...
  19. A self evaluation into jeeping

    I feel this, but a tad different. 3rd Jeep, second Rubicon, and to borrow analogy from sports teams: This was a refresh, not a rebuild. I knew what I was getting into. I wanted the Rubicon because I knew I would use it, and it's getting a lot harder to get into the couple trusted shops around my...
  20. Watch This Bronco Blow Out Its 4WD System Attempting to Speed Through a Mud Pit

    Yeah, this one isn't on the Bronco; This one is completely driver error.