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  1. Virginia TopLift Pro

    Selling it assembled. starting with local pickup. Virginia Beach, VA. Can work with people within a couple hours distance Asking $700 OBO
  2. Virginia Bartact Seat Covers/Jammock/Cargo Net/Alien Sunshade/All Weather Floor Mats

    Hey everyone! I am now jeepless and need to sell my stuff. I’ll try selling as local for now - Virginia Beach, VA. I’m willing to drive a couple hours. Bartact Seat Covers front/rear black - $300 SOLD All Weather floor mats - $75 Jammock - $25 Alien Sunshade - $90 Dirty dog cargo net - $90...
  3. Virginia Dirty Dog Rear Cargo Net

    Hey there! I’m looking to sell the 3 piece rear cargo net. I’ve only used it for a few months but my dog is too cramped for me to feel comfortable with him in there. I also have the body attachments so that hardtop folks can mount the bar on the back since we weren’t blessed with those.. I’ll...
  4. JL owners with dogs

    @jconli1 looks good! I recently got the dirtydog net and it looks great but they didn’t have the parts in to secure the back bar so I haven’t tested it fully and it’s been raining a lot here now so I have to wait but... without the back bar on, my dog looked so sad under the net. 90lb GSD and...
  5. Caught in the rain

    Oh nice. Did you remove the back storage lid then? I’m curious when people line-x or do similar things on how they treat the storage liner and the tie down areas with carpet.
  6. Waterproof Interior

    @Chemy350 hah! Good deal. Driving with rainy conditions hasn’t worried me. It’s the thought of my Jeep sitting in the work parking lot with potentially a couple hours of rain on it... just need to pull my britches up and do it once so I can get over the fear
  7. Caught in the rain

    @KDB did you make any changes to the cargo area? I am thinking of removing my carpets but don’t know what to do with the cargo area.
  8. Waterproof Interior

    Any updates here for being caught in the rain or long term issues found from water soaked interiors? I’m getting real antsy with these 40% afternoon showers and thinking of diving into topless/doorless afternoon showers..
  9. Best $60 bike rack on the market

    @Harrington does this impact your rear view camera at all? Looks like it wouldn’t for the most part.
  10. Brutally played by Southern Jeep Chrysler in Chesapeake VA

    I’ve been in the area for several years and I’ve always heard Southern is garbage. Starr Motors in Suffolk is really good but lack of inventory so driving off the lot same day probably won’t happen. I went with Hall. If Starr had a bigger selection I’d use them, they are the only dealership I...
  11. Should I make the switch? Taco to JLU?

    That’s last years model. Some people are into that but before my JLU had a BMW 328d. I thought I was getting a good deal, especially since it was “last years model” back then. Not only do you drive off the lot with depreciation, now you’re already at least a year into your depreciation. If you...
  12. Anyone have a TopLift Pro for JL?

    I’ve had mine for a year. Between weather and wear and tear my TLP barely fits my Jeep height, I really need to go over all the connectors and the brake line again. I have a hard time lowering it now and sometimes almost seems a little dangerous ‍♂️
  13. Anyone have a TopLift Pro for JL?

    I’m honestly not worried about it falling off.
  14. Vibrating speaker bar

    Last night I tried fixing this as well as the alpine subwoofer vibration. I didn’t have any rubber gloves to jam into that area but I tried using window trim and that didn’t work because I could jam it under there. I am thinking of calling my jeep dealer though. I don’t see it as something they...
  15. Seat covers

  16. Anyone have a TopLift Pro for JL?

    No way is correct in my opinion, and settled for using the lower ones for now since I don’t need to raise it very high. I’ll reassess after it’s been used for a bit, it’s not a huge concern to me. Just kinda happy to see I didn’t f mine up. I concur, I’m just surprised no one mentioned this...
  17. Anyone have a TopLift Pro for JL?

    Gonna watch the vid when it loads up. I set mine up last night. The only questionable piece I stumbled across is the handle to teeth component. It seems like I can either only have the cable tight enough to use the lower half of the teeth OR the upper half.
  18. Anyone have a TopLift Pro for JL?

    Mines supposed to show up today as well. It’s been on the truck, in my town, since 4:30am. I have a class all day today so I’m really hoping that it gets dropped off and not taken back to the den of never delivered packages.
  19. Anyone have a TopLift Pro for JL?

    Oh, wow so not even an actual date huh? They just told you hopefully within 30 days you’ll get it?
  20. Anyone have a TopLift Pro for JL?

    Damn, I didn’t realize that Jeep gave you a delivery date when you ordered it.