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  1. Utah 2021 JL 5 Rubicon Wheels

    Less than 500 miles on them, excellent condition. 4 TPMS sensors included. $550. Pick up Only. Thanks - Jeff
  2. Utah 2021 JL 2-Door Rubicon Factory Suspension

    Includes all suspension parts you see in the pictures. Swapped out with less than 500 miles. Pick up only. $300 Thank you - Jeff
  3. JL resale values are insane!

    This thread got me curious on the vroom pricing but I have no intention to sell. Just in case people are interested my 2 door rubicon with 1700 miles on it came back with a price of $43000. That is more than I paid for it before tax.
  4. Overlanding | Trade JT For 2 Door--Am I Crazy?

    OK...I was in your boat. I sold my 2012 JKR and ordered a 2020 JTR with a manual transmission. It was a love/dislike relationship. I sold it and then ordered a 21 2 door. It is hands down the best driving/steering Jeep I have owned (4). But some people will need the additional space, I did...
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Swapped out my stock rims for the AEV Salta XR wheels.
  6. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    The madness continues. :) I just had the AEV Salta XR wheels installed today on my existing KO2s.
  7. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Maiden off road trip with my daughter. Exploring the Silver Island Mountain range just north of the Bonneville Speedway.
  8. Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift - wheels/tires needed immediately?

    Thank you. It is the LoD Signature Shorty.
  9. Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift - wheels/tires needed immediately?

    I really am enjoying the Dynatrac lift. I did install both front and rear track bars and the longer Mopar control arms. It rides great, but gave me a bit more lift than I expected and now I have a devil on one shoulder whispering 37s... I have attached a photo to show the amount of lift on a...
  10. 2" lift with 33s - was your 2" lift actually a 2" lift?

    I am running the Dynatrac lift on my JL with 35 KO2 and stock rims/no spacers. No rubbing on or off-road.
  11. Teraflex Track Bars, Who’s had no issue on your JL?

    I have both TF front and rear. The front does rotate slightly along it's axis. For what it's worth, when first installed I heard noise from the front traction bar for a day or so. I haven't heard it in a while and I went wheeling last weekend, did not hear any noise and I must add, this is...
  12. Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" lift - also fixed my steering issues!

    I am running this lift on my 21 JLR. I really like the way it rides both on and off road. By looks, i got a bit more lift than expected and now wonder if I should have gone with 37s....
  13. Backup Cam Guide Lines Gone

    Same here....mine started coming and going around 700 miles. The camera also went dark and I had to hold the push the volume and tune knobs to the system to reboot...and it came back. It's like a box of chocolates.....
  14. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    Finally took the Jeep off road this weekend. My daughter and I made a trip out to the Silver Island Mountain Range which is just north of the Bonneville Salt Flats. This was her first time driving off-road. Good times! This is my fourth Jeep and by far the best handling both on and off road.
  15. backup camera suddenly stopped working

    Agreed. My JLR has 760 miles on it and the camera went out this morning. I thought maybe the connection had come loose since I installed the Teraflex Alpha carrier, or the camera was bad, or I pinched a wire....(I need a jump to conclusion mat) :) After pressing the Volume and Tune buttons...
  16. Ordered Today & Made the Leap to JL

    Congrats! My order/delivery timeline was much quicker than I expected. I ordered my 2 door on Jan 12 and it arrived at the dealership on Feb 12. I hope yours is as fast or faster.
  17. Anyone installed the new Teraflex front trackbar...?

    Installed mine 2 weeks ago and this is exactly what mine does as well.
  18. Utah TERAFLEX 1.5IN SPORT ST1 SUSPENSION SYSTEM for 2 Door (Layton, UT)

    Used for less than one week :), then I installed the Dynatrac Endurosport. $130 local pickup.
  19. Moab next week (March 9-12)

    We go down there 5-6 times a year...was there this past weekend. Some easy but beautiful trails to consider also: Chicken Corners, Gemini Bridges, and Monitor and Merrimack. I'd also recommend Potash to Shafer Road to Pucker Pass but Shafer Road was closed last weekend. I'm sure others will...