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  1. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    First Bikini JL I saw was on a transport truck on I-75 south of Toledo right after the color came out. Love that color.
  2. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    My 2018 at 3rd Year build day.
  3. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    Did you get close to what paid for it? I mean with in reason.
  4. Engine eating oil??

    I have always found that little short trips in town over a period of time...then road trip, that 1st qt. Goes fast. 500 to 750 miles then stops using. Rings open a bit and seal. Checked mine today, 1,400 since last service. It was fine. 1 qt at 4,000 is not a huge concern. Especially with alot...
  5. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    I miss my 97 Teal TJ. Did get $5,000 for it.
  6. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    2018 Sport 3 years old. Cat. Back exhaust system for deeper exhaust.
  7. If there was one thing you could change about your JL...

    Here is Florida my 2 wavy doors are in the garage 9 months of the year, wish they were half doors.
  8. Help Jeep pick a new color

    A nice dove Grey or gunmetal Grey or brake rotor grey.
  9. Purchasing 2018 MOAB Today - Good Deal?

    My Sport has tilt/cruise, crank windows, lighted cup holders, lumbar...lap of luxury compared to 97 TJ it replaced. 😑
  10. Chrysler not honoring warranty?

    That's odd. Those were the same concerns I had at a Toyota/Honda dealer I worked at.
  11. Chrysler not honoring warranty?

    I've had great experience with my selling Dealer. St. Marys CDJR. St. Marys OH. Retired to Clearwater. Dayton Andrews Clearwater has been great as well. Selling dealer is small town mid west family owned dealer. Everyone their will treat you like family.
  12. Next Generation Prediction

    The first one I saw on the road was grey...I really thought it was a Honda Element.
  13. POLL: (3.6L Muffler Delete) to drone or not to drone...that is the question

    I deleted resonator and installed Flowmaster. No drone, nice sound on harder accelerations.
  14. So. Indiana to Traverse City Mi

    On MI 22 is Point Betsie Lighthouse. There is an area of troqoius water that is quite the view.