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  1. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Is that because you already have something mounted there? I installed the InnovativeAT 4-tire system under the passenger seat and I love it. It is so easy to air down and up, and when something is easy to do you tend to do it.
  2. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    I realize this is a humor thread, but what is a "target date fund?" Perhaps you could phrase it like this: Did you hear the one about the target date fund?
  3. Fuel beadlocks

    What is a fuel beadlock?
  4. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Good for you! And don't worry about the market fluctuations. You have to be in it for the long haul. Most people want to get rich quick, but getting rich slowly is more achievable.
  5. ARB Hydrolic Jack VS US Made Bottle Jack

    That would be slick, but for me I'm sure the battery would be dead when I really needed it. I do, however, carry a breaker bar with the appropriately sized socket for my wheel lugs. I have always hated those stock lug wrenches.
  6. Can I jumpstart by positive to positive. Negative to negative?

    Thanks for mentioning how long that took. My plan is to use up the batteries that came new with the Jeep and then replacing them both with a Genesis dual battery system.
  7. ARB Hydrolic Jack VS US Made Bottle Jack

    It doesn't seem like a good comparison. You can't get the ARB under your axle, which is the safest way to lift if you're changing a tire. Before I got my Jeep I assumed I'd need to get a HiLift. After having had my Jeep for a couple of months I have decided I really don't need one at all for...
  8. Front & Rear Bumper General Opinions

    And I thought my GenRight aluminum bumper was expensive...
  9. Front & Rear Bumper General Opinions

    Yep. I decided that aluminum and recessed winch mounts were the most important to me. I just installed some very nice Stedi lights that I hooked directly up to the existing fog light circuit.
  10. Front & Rear Bumper General Opinions

    After watching this video I'm pretty sure I'm going with CavFab for my rear bumper. The whole point of the video is showing how other bumpers flex into the body. I'd be interested in hearing about other bumpers that are similarly designed so they don't immediately fold up into the body on impact...
  11. Driving in snow / ice…any tips?

    I used to do this as a kid in Iowa. At one point my dad bought an Audi, which had front wheel drive. Not much fun in the snow, I felt. So, I would take it to a big, empty parking lot that had packed down snow, get going fast in reverse and snap the steering hard left or right and just enjoy...
  12. Fog light wiring

    OK, just to be sure this horse is completely dead, I installed these Stedi lights by directly hooking them up to the stock fog light circuit. Absolutely no problem. The picture isn't meant to be a product shot, but really to show how bright these little lights are. Compare to the stock halogen...
  13. Newbie: Winch for 4XE?

    I recently replaced the stock front plastic bumper with a GenRight stubby aluminum bumper and added a Quadratec 10K winch with synthetic line. After all was said and done the front increased sag was 1/4". The downside is that the bumper doesn't have holes for fog lights. But on that note I'm...
  14. Newbie: Winch for 4XE?

    You can splice a synthetic rope in the field. Not so much for a steel cable.
  15. Must have accessories

    These are exactly the first things I got. The next installs were on board air and sway bar disconnects, because before you mod anything else those two things are the common denominator of going off road. I went a little crazy and got the Innovative AT 4-tire air system and the Apex AutoLynx. I...
  16. I just sold my 2021 Bronco

    But I don't know your friend's name.
  17. Interest rate increase

    Yep. As soon as I bought my last car in 2013 I started saving for the next car. Then last year I paid cash for a 2021 2-door Willys.
  18. What size winch for JLR 2dr?

    I recently installed my very first winch on my 2-door Willys and it is a 10K. However, the reason it's a 10K and not an 8K is because that was the lowest rated Quadratec Stealth winch. To save weight I installed a GenRight aluminum stubby bumper and when all was said and done the front end...
  19. Funny cartoon but true [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I would like to know how they reconcile a limited, un-renewable resource with being "the future." Of course, if I'm missing something here let me know.
  20. Funny cartoon but true [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    What makes you think we are turning the economy on its head for this?