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  1. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    Yes, they help with the leg room and angle that your leg is at as well. Its still not perfect but that's just due to the way the centre stack is. When we first bought the Jeep I thought I was doomed. After an hours drive my right leg/knee was in so much pain due to the angle. Big boy brackets...
  2. Xtreme Recon Package

  3. Xtreme Recon Package

    Seems a bit weird but all of the XR packages I see for sale in Canada, none have the LED light package and only a couple have the towing package. I wonder if its a parts supply issue or the dealers are just ordering them in a weird configuration. Hard to imagine they would omit the LED lights...
  4. 2022 JLUR XR Fenders

    Might be easiest to find someone who wants to swap fender flares. Then just add on the extra flare part that's on the ER for the bigger tires. I personally wanted black flares. They are going to get scratches to hell with all the tress where I wheel anyway.
  5. BFG K02 315/70 difference ??

    Nice, I moved out west 1.5 years ago from Ottawa (Kanata). I bought my truck at Mont Bleu Ford on your side of the river.
  6. BFG K02 315/70 difference ??

    They ride just fine, I wouldn't be concerned about it. Plus you have extra sidewall to soak up bumps. I'm running them at 34psi. If you're in Montreal they will be great for hitting potholes and driving over the fallen concrete chunks from the overpasses. ;) I have E load rated BFG KO2's on my...
  7. BFG K02 315/70 difference ??

    Ford Raptor sized tire. Maybe the truck goes faster and needs a higher speed rating. I picked up a take off set of the Ford Raptor ones from Kijiji. I'm using them for winter driving, no issues.
  8. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    With the full 2" drop you'll be able to drop it right down and you also have the spaces to raise it up a bit if you find the 2" too low. I think it will work out for you.
  9. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    My wife is 5’10” and she has no issues driving it daily with the 2” drop.
  10. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    Its a bit of a pain, I can't remember off the top of my head. you have to slide the yellow or red part back and then just squeeze it. Once you get it, it will seem simple. I struggled with that too.
  11. Are Husky Tools Any Good?

    You might want to check out Tekton. They sell direct and also on Amazon. I'm happy with their ratchets for the price. Pretty good value for the money IMO.
  12. Tall Driver / Neck Pain

    Desert Does It Seat Slammers will fix your problem as someone linked above. I was the same, couldn't see lights, always hunched over and uncomfortable. Its a semi-permanent modification as you need to chop off part of the seat bracket. You could always get someone to weld it back on if needed...
  13. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    @j7mm9 As someone who's had both I much prefer the seat slammers. The big boy brackets from Misch 4x4 were nice but they do raise you up the thickness of the brackets. So if your head is close to the roof or roll bar it will make it worse, but you will have more leg room. With the brackets I...
  14. Dealership fun ;)

    I just stopped at my dealer and they the service advisor made me feel like I was inconveniencing him, making him stop texting, to answer if he had heard of this TSB before. He wouldn't even look it up to see if they had anything in their system about it. I guess they only want to deal with oil...
  15. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    @F800 Princess Auto has moving blankets and a cheap heat gun on sale if you need those too.
  16. Repairing Hardtop - Matching the Texture

    Has anyone had experience matching the textured finish of the black hardtop after repairing it? I smashed the back corner of my hard top this weekend on a frozen berm. I have I've used JB Weld for plastic to bond everything back together but I will have to sand it out today. I've ordered some...
  17. JL/JLU/JT Seat Slammers - Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    Finally got around to installing mine today. Wow, what a difference!! Sitting in the Jeep instead of on top of it is the perfect description. I actually have thigh support now too. I feel like I'm taco'd into my seat. Its incredible how much more I can see out of the windshield, I can see...
  18. Softer aftermarket suspension for Rubi not lifted?

    Maybe try some Fox shocks. The ones that came in my Mopar lift kit make the Jeep ride a lot smother than stock. You can get them for stock height too.
  19. As a new 392XR owner...

    If my head was veal, how much would it be worth?
  20. wth, I hate squirrels..

    lol, we had a red squirrel issue at out cottage back in Ontario. 10 gauge took care of that. Out here in the mountains its the porcupines that people have issues with. If you park to go on a hike people put chicken wire all around their cars to keep them from eating your brake lines.