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  1. Knocking in front suspension

    That would make sense if this dealer installed the parts. I would say that a dealer charging a diagnostic fee to inspect suspension work that they did not do themselves is warranted. It's their time and not inherently their problem. It may be an extra hassle, but first step should be contacting...
  2. Knocking in front suspension

    Who installed the lift kit? If it wasn't the dealership, they may not be qualified to diagnose the issue. In all likelihood, your problem stems from the lift components.
  3. Fog light interchangeability

    JK fog lights are compatible with JL Sahara and plastic JL Rubicon bumpers, as well as most aftermarket bumpers. They all have the same 4-hole mounting configuration. The JL Rubicon metal bumper has a 2-hole mount, and the JL Sport bumper has a 3-hole mount.
  4. Rugged Ridge HD Stubby with X Striker bar - let's see pics

    I ordered this bumper, and I'm hoping some of you have it installed. I'm trying to decide on the X Striker bar vs. the Over-rider bar, and would love if you guys could show some examples.
  5. Roof Racks - Soft Top

    Been looking at this: Check out pics from a member here:
  6. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    I've been eyeballing those knockoff LP9's on Amazon. How do you like them? I wouldn't expect them to compete with the real thing, but would you recommend them?
  7. I'm going to h-e double hockey sticks

    I happen to get along really well with that guy.
  8. Blackout "Jeep" lettering

    Zero experience with plasti-dip, and my emblems/badge came out great.
  9. KC HiLites vs Baja Designs

    I get it. Seems like a great company. However, methinks that greatness is over-accounted for in their pricing. I cannot vouch for Jim, Carla, and Ted (LBH Jin, Chun-Chieh, and Tao) over at ShittyLED, but I'm excited to work with them.
  10. Budget boost lift kit

    With the help of my brother, I installed my spacer lift in a day. That was with hand-wrenching and zero prior experience with suspension. Now equipped with an impact wrench, I'm confident I could do it in a quarter of the time. It's a great learning experience I'd recommend the tallest jacks...
  11. KC HiLites vs Baja Designs

    Redundancy of "BD Designs" notwithstanding, you're probably correct. However, you have not used the product in question, nor do you seem to have any direct experience with it. Point being, your opinion isn't super helpful here. Yes, I would expect that. With several incarnations of the...
  12. KC HiLites vs Baja Designs

    I am absolutely going for looks, but I am also just as capable of reading the Amazon reviews and looking at the pictures. Hoping for some hands-on experience from a fellow cheapskate.
  13. KC HiLites vs Baja Designs

    I have been eyeballing these, because I like the look, and don't want to spend $1000+ (on the low end) to, as some have said here, "light up the night". Anybody take the plunge? Side note: It would be cool if BD sold the bracket for the fog light pocket kit separately, as I would like to mount...
  14. Quake LED Switch System QUIC798 Lighting/ 12v Accessory Controller...The Ultimate Headache Saver!

    The range on the remote I received is pretty awful. Going to try a name brand battery as others have suggested. As it stands the only way I can activate the lights is by getting the remote as close to the windshield as possible. It would be nice if it's worked from it's mounted (clip on)...
  15. Bittersweet Day: Traded in my JLU for a Ford..

    Notwithstanding the miracle of life, a true wildcard for "sweet". Unless you conceived and birthed the child on the same day you purchased the car, seems like a net negative. But hey, I'm an asshole.
  16. Bittersweet Day: Traded in my JLU for a Ford..

    Where did the "sweet" part of bittersweet come in to play here?
  17. LED Upgrades

    Keep in mind, I purchased the version for the Sport, and it appears you have a Rubicon. It maybe a completely different experience. The halos required a separate power source, I used a simple fuse tap. If you've done that before, not an issue. The fogs required me to cut the factory harness on...
  18. Jeep Insecurities

    I think OP meant for this to go on Reddit
  19. LED Upgrades

    I purchased RGB halo headlights and RGB halo fog lights from LED factory mart. The halo coloring from the fogs is not an exact match to the headlights, and neither is "white" on the white setting. The headlight halo has a very noticeable bluish hue, and the fogs have a noticeable violet hue...