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  1. California 2019 NIB Premium Soft Top - JLU

    Good question, I'm pretty sure its tinted. I have to look at the box or search. Don't want to open it up unless it's sold. I'll try to check
  2. California 2019 NIB Premium Soft Top - JLU

    Beautiful Top, brand spanking new! Get ready now for summer!!
  3. California Sold: 2019 NIB Premium Soft Top - JLU

    Came as part of the Dual Top group and I just don't use it. I'm in Huntington Beach, prefer to sell local. I work out in the IE and around OC so can arrange to meet in those areas. $1200 OBO
  4. 2H vs 4H

    I'd suggest finding either a dirt lot now or a empty parking lot once it snows and just go to town. Put it in 2X and spin the tires, turns etc. See how it handles, do the the same in 4X. No need for excessive speed, just break traction a bit and have fun with it. That's how i learned when I...
  5. Manual transmission parking method?

    No manual anymore but I would just shut the engine down, throw it in first and get out. Parking brake on a hill maybe. I'm sure eventually I would have killed an old lady, run over a nun and ten kids but my Jeeps, Scout. never moved. Go figure.
  6. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    Yes, totally happy. The fix is the spring isolators, a $40 expense as long as you do it with the original install.
  7. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    I have the stage four with kings and had the springs bow. Called evo and they suggested the spring isolators from Energy (if i remember) I bought the Rancho ones because they were black. Solved the issue. Isolators should be included in the kit IMO, especially since they are about $30 I...
  8. Tire Carrier for 37inch tire

    Serious question. Who has had sagging issues? I haven't heard of any. A bunch of posts back you stated that it could be years before one notices issues, which I could agree with. I guess I'm not on here enough to have read about them. Speaking of physics and failures, how far could a...
  9. Tire Carrier for 37inch tire

    Agreed. Especially that last sentence. Welcome to the world of aftermarket parts. I just spent $300 on a skid plate for my tow hitch.
  10. Tire Carrier for 37inch tire

    IDK, I'm no engineer, but my guess it would reduce twisting of the tailgate with the added weight. LIke I said. that Youtube couple had a big ass tire/wheel on their stock gate and had zero probs. no skin in this so I'm not trying to argue. Just throwing out thoughts. Have fun with whatever...
  11. Tire Carrier for 37inch tire

    It strengthens the tailgate, which the tire is mounted to. I'm just guessing that's why they call it a "Tailgate Reinforcement Kit"
  12. Tire Carrier for 37inch tire

    I have the Mopar kit and it works just fine. It came with my Jeep, not sure I would have ordered it but I'm happy with it. People saying the Mopar kit is inadequate, aren't providing any real world examples of why. Yea, strap a beadlocked 37 on it and bomb down a desert trail loaded with...
  13. How’s your ride on 37s?

    They are a bit noisy, and have gotten louder with wear I think. But, it's not my DD so I don't mind much. With the windows up, I can talk on the phone fine. They are heavy, especially with the bead locks. BUT, with re-gearing, everything is peppy enough.... for a jeep. With the spare (although...
  14. Recommendation on a shop for re-gearing in Socal?

    I went to Rebel Offroad for mine. Their pricing is online and includes a gear oil change at 500 miles after break in. Service was great despite a lack of communication on other work I had there. (re: pick up time, had to make a second trip) Just tell them not to put a sticker on your window...
  15. Help ID another strange aftermarket modification in my new 2020 Jeep.

    If I'm following someone with this on their car/Jeep, I immediately get in front of them, then brake check them three time to return the annoying favor. You're welcome.
  16. Anyone follow any Youtube Jeepers?

    Yeah, crazy! But if you listen at the very end when they were talking about it, the truck wasn't leaning against the trees, it was just "balancing" there. Could have slid at any time. Crazy.
  17. Anyone follow any Youtube Jeepers?

    Not really a Jeep specific youtube site but Matt's Offroad Recovery is a fun one. One of his best recoveries and most recent....
  18. I finally got the toplift pro!

    Where have I been? This is the first time I've seen this lift. Guess I wasn't looking too hard... Anyone know if they have a forum discount? I did find a $25 off on their website, May have to get one of these.
  19. Supplies you keep in your JL

    Cigars Cutter Lighter
  20. How’s your ride on 37s?

    What? This thread didn't run a full course? Ok, I'll play Nittos, some beadlocks, 2.5" Evo lift, 4.88 gears. Never had 8th with the 4.10's, would hunt for 7th. Those getting >17 MPG with an equivalent setup must always drive downhill. I get a tad over 14 but mostly around town driving...