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  1. Any tips/tricks/words of advice/wisdom for a newbie?

    One watchout I learned the hard way was that taking it through a touchless car wash, the one where the high pressure wand goes around the vehicle, water ingresses at every door seam and the tailgate seam. Better to know before hand, bring a spare towel to wipe up the water that comes through.
  2. Metal Oil Filter Housing Cap

    Will do, thanks again for all the advice. Have an enjoyable weekend sir.
  3. Metal Oil Filter Housing Cap

    Understood. Looking through it now. I'm definitely going to take your advice and pick up an extra filter housing, just in case. This is our only vehicle so if it doesn't hold oil we're kinda boned. Good call.
  4. Metal Oil Filter Housing Cap

    Holy crap, jackpot! Thanks very much. Saving all of the above. Seriously, thanks OGNJ
  5. Metal Oil Filter Housing Cap

    Thank you Rhinebeck for the continued education... appreciate your time. I will pore over that whole thread. For anyone else scouring for the answers to my above question - through some further searching I believe the torque values to be 20 foot pounds for the drain plug and 18 foot pounds for...
  6. Metal Oil Filter Housing Cap

    I read through this whole thread specifically looking for recommended torque values for both the drain plug and the oil filter housing cap - could I trouble someone to confirm those two values please and thank you? Have my first oil change coming up
  7. Battery voltage while engine is off?

    Thanks for the information and chart, I saved it for future reference. What is the correct charge setting on the NOCO for these batteries? Did you charge yours while still hooked up under the hood? Thanks again
  8. Battery voltage while engine is off?

    Thank you for the confirmation OGNJ. Much appreciated.
  9. Battery voltage while engine is off?

    I was cycling through my dash display the other day while waiting in a parking lot and noticed the battery voltage meter on the in dash display stated that my battery was sitting at 12.2 volts which seemed low to me. I started poking through threads in this forum and a lot of them said not to...
  10. Sahara JL with 295/70/ lift

    What can I help you with?
  11. Torque values for common bolts

    Thank you sir. Going to print this out and put it in my tool box. Cheers
  12. Torque values for common bolts

    Thanks Maverick. So you're of the opinion that those numbers are correct? Later on in that thread there are some people that start to go off in a different direction... such as this post
  13. Torque values for common bolts

    Hello, I did a forum search for torque values for the common bolts / nuts for a wrangler and thought I'd be able to come up with something official, perhaps a PDF or something of the sort. I did find this thread but there seems to be multiple sources in it with some conflicting info and it of...
  14. Stock spare tire carrier. Does yours get pushed backwards at all when a tire is mounted?

    It's all good, thank you for your time and info. Much appreciated. I'm not going to worry about it.
  15. Stock spare tire carrier. Does yours get pushed backwards at all when a tire is mounted?

    Thank you for the information. For clarification, did you mean to say pushing up, or pushing backward?
  16. Stock spare tire carrier. Does yours get pushed backwards at all when a tire is mounted?

    I recently bought new summer rims with a +20 offset and put some K02 DT 275/70 R18 on them. They fit on my spare carrier just fine. I then took the stock rims with their +44 offset and got a set of 275/70 R18 winter tires mounted on them and then installed all five winter tires on the jeep. In...
  17. Difficulty with 4Lo

    Hey, sorry I just noticed this notification now. My apologies. It snowed a ton here overnight and I actually used 4H this morning for the first time since my previous run in with it. Strangely enough it gave me momentary pause from 2H to 4H on the first try, but on the second attempt it popped...
  18. Deals on tires

    Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately the tire size I chose (275/70/18) only came in E rated. I am kind of wondering what I am missing, but then again, if it's not broken... Edit: what's NVG? Thanks
  19. Deals on tires

    Yeah I understand that it used a more durable and stiffer compound... I was just trying to rationalize why they would abort the production on these, especially given how popular the K02 is. Either the DT model just wasn't selling enough, or the real world performance didn't provide enough of a...
  20. Deals on tires

    To the uneducated, can you elaborate? I had my wrangler for about 2.5 weeks from brand new with the stock duelers on it before I switched to K02's which are E rated. I didn't seem to notice much, if any difference... however I have minimal experience prior to this with any tires of this nature...