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  1. Second theft in 3 months - Do I get rid of my wrangler?

    Whatever you decide as a deterrent, make it VERY visible, so the thief can see it, and choose an easier target. A loud alarm can also help.
  2. This Is the Car That Dealers Overcharge for the Most - MSN

    ”Average” price of a Wrangler is 43K? Someone has been getting into Cheech and Chong’s stash.
  3. Help me name my jeep 😉

    Veruka Salt. She loved Snazberries. :) Meaning: vivacious, strong-willed. Possibly derived from slavic name, Veruschca or Verushka (meaning true, honest, faith) For his book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," author Roald Dahl supposedly named a female character Veruca Salt after a medication...
  4. Was Car and Driver paid under the table to write this Bronco vs Wrangler comparison article?

    If the various auto awards sent out like candy are bought and paid for by each car company, I’d say the reviews are also and probably follow the money too.
  5. Nav on 7 inch screen?

    I've owned two JL models. One had the 7 and the other the 8.4 inch screen. I like the 8.4 inch screen, the built in nav is OK, but I prefer using CarPlay.
  6. Illinois Sold: JLUR (4dr) Rock Rails

    Took these off after owning Jeep for 3 months. Hardware included. No chips or dings, paint is very good. Live in Southern Illinois, 18 miles south of Mt Vernon IL. PM me if interested.
  7. Which of these Rubicon graphics do you prefer:

    I like the OEM in either blue or red outline. Not trying to offend, but you need to get that Walmart or Auto Zone sticker off ASAP and run without it, or go with something different.....but hey, it's your ride.
  8. How important are heated seats to you?

    Coming from cloth seats to leather, they are an excellent addition. Excellent for heat therapy on my back too. Illinois climate sucks. Wish I would have had this wake up call sooner in my life.
  9. Consensus on best wireless Carplay dongle?

    Rumor has it that Apple is looking to delete the Lightning port on future phones. Might be year out but when they do, I’m sure they will have to allow wireless CarPlay for Uconnect and others.
  10. Unofficial 2 door owners section...until the admins create one for us ...hint hint ...wink wink

    I originally started with a 2 door TJ back in the 90s. Absolutely loved that little brute! I have since owned a 4 door JK and 4 door 2018 JLU. Since my kids have been gone for 10 years, and the backseat was never used, I went back to my roots a bit and got a beautiful Snazberry Pearl on July...
  11. What's the best thing you ordered on your Wrangler

    The most useful upgrades to me was the Rubicon locking diff, LED lights, and for personal satisfaction, the Alpine system. Not as high-end as wife's Bose system, but in a Jeep, it fits my needs.
  12. (non) off-road shaming - why?

    The hum of the tires on asphalt, the height, 4WD, removable top and doors, the grill; that is what I loved as a kid in my uncle’s Jeep. Also seeing my teacher’s red CJ5 that was never taken off road. I didn’t care then or now, it’s still a Jeep and I love to see how people mod them. Some mods...
  13. Serious question about bumpers

    I like my factory steel bumpers. I had a winch on my last jeep, but hardly used it, so I'm not going that route with this one. I did get the bull bar, and will be adding lights soon. As other people have stated, and from what I've actually see, if the rear steel bumper is hit from the bottom...
  14. What's your favorite color that you didn't buy/order?

    I have a Snazberry, but the Hydro Blue and Sting Gray are sweet!
  15. Is jeep going to do something for people don’t get the golden tailgate tag?

    If I had this instance of the wrong tag on my Jeep, I would leave it as-is. Might be worth someting and more of a rare oddity for future value.
  16. New to Jeeps - Soft Top Down on 2Door feels Awkward?

    Make sure you lock the top down and use some velcro straps to wrap around the top when lowered to help with your field of view. The wider the Velcro, the better so it doesn’t leave creases in your top. I use these from Amazon. Package of two, and perfect size 36x2...
  17. Anyone know what these are on the windshield?

    My 21 JLR has the cold weather group but does not have the advanced safety group. It does not have this wire connecting to the windshield, so I guess we can reason that it is indeed part of the advanced safety group.
  18. Bronco features you would like Jeep to incorporate into Wrangler during JL's mid-cycle redesign

    Would like to see these fixes immediately: - Rain gutter. Why does Niagara Falls flow into my interior each time I open a door in the rain. - ESS(Electronic Start Stop). If you're going to force ESS on us, could you at least place a 5 second delay in the system so when you park your jeep, it...
  19. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Thanks Rhinebeck. I am not bashing the company. They did try to help me, but I just gave it away to one of my friends vice tampering with it. I am an electronics person, I could have fixed this easily, but didn't want to mess with. I still recommend this fob to everyone and have probably...