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  1. What head units have you guys upgraded to?

    Sounds like a warranty issue. I've never experienced this and my Jeep has seen extreme temperatures in both directions.
  2. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    2166 rpm is "closer to the proper torque band" for the diesel? Assuming your math is correct, an entirely usable RPM range is available for all 3 scenarios you provided, with the availability of lower RPMs with the stock gear set. I'm not saying regearing would necessarily make things worse...
  3. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    How would regearing reduce temps let alon reduce revs?
  4. Fog light wiring

    Thanks. The oem led fogsmay also be designed to handle 6v or PWM or whatever is happening in that line. Aftermarket light bars probably are not.
  5. Oracle flush mount tail lights!!!

    Anyone have a link? Can’t seem to locate these on oracles site
  6. Fog light wiring

    Are the factory fogs halogen or LED? If halogen, there's PWM happening that will likely not play nice with your aftermarket LEDs. I ran into this (sport) when trying to upgrade my stock fogs to LED.
  7. Calling all 6 Speed Owners

    The recall does not detune the engine.
  8. Diesel in snow problems

    I'll add this one more time and then stop....diesels ingest significantly more air than gassers at typical cruising load. Enough to create quite a vacuum effect. high vacuum over an extended period of time with the right conditions = sucking up a lot of snow. If you google "snow clogged air...
  9. Recalibration issue

    They def did it wrong. Although, I wonder if the changes were entered and just not properly “committed” as the tazer has a reboot process it runs through when you make tire size changes. Will be interesting to see what the tazer shows as your current size once you get it. It’s a great device...
  10. Recalibration issue

    The speedo is reading 6-7% too low. It’s obviously still set for 33’s.
  11. Recalibration issue

    They didn't do it correctly. I've only ever done calibration myself w/Tazer but I do recall reading others having this issue and that the dealer didn't do it correctly.
  12. Recalibration issue

    The tool you are screenshotting is simply showing the speedometer errors created by having a tire size that doesn't match what the vehicle expects. The larger tire you put on, the more the actual vehicle speed will be higher than what the speedometer shows. Your wrangler has 35's on it and it...
  13. Recalibration issue

    It’s telling you the same thing. You are really going 70 but your car is telling you 66 still because it doesn’t know you have larger tires. If he increases the tire size correctly in the bcm it will raise the speedometer from 66 to the correct reading of 70 in the example you provided.
  14. Recalibration issue

    The lower you set the tire size in the bcm, the lower the speedo will read as the bcm will calculate less distance traveled per rotation due to the lower circumference it believes you have. He has the value set too low. My guess is it’s still set for 33’s.
  15. Recalibration issue

    If gps app shows faster than speedo then dealer plugged in too small of a size, not too big. Are your pressures possibly set way too high?
  16. Diesel in snow problems

    I had mentioned earlier in this thread that diesel engines consume a ton more air during cruising than a gas motor, due to lack of throttle plate, turbo wastegate, etc. My understanding is that under moderate load/throttle they are basically sucking the same amount of air as they would at WOT...
  17. JLU 2018 3.6L engine Issue

    Google engine failures on Nissan 2.5L motors due to catalytic converter fragments getting sucked in and destroying piston rings and scoring cylinders. It happened to 2 of my kids’ cars. I do believe the phenomenon requires the cats or precats to be very physically close to the motor, which is...
  18. 3.0L “Tornado” Straight-Six Engine (GME T6) Coming to Various Jeep Models?

    EGR controller, EGR computer, doesn’t have to mean EGR cooler does it?
  19. 3.0L “Tornado” Straight-Six Engine (GME T6) Coming to Various Jeep Models?

    Exactly. That’s why you never see turbos in heavy duty consumer vehicles or big rigs. The technology is totally flawed. 😂
  20. Diesel in snow problems

    Based on some other diesel owners in this thread it sounds like a design issue. Perhaps poor fender liner design combined with the nature of diesel engines always sucking "max air" regardless of throttle pedal position?