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  1. Redarc, Fridge, AUX Battery, Monitor, Platform & More - In One Spot - JLUR

    How did you wire it so ignition is always on? Thank you! awesome build
  2. Maine Bumpkins 2021 Snazzberry JLUR

    Nice build! I am in Maine too. If you ever want to get together for a badge of honor run at jericho or an overland journey let me know!
  3. Rubi Recon

    Yes I’m doing the battery, already received it. What about you? If you do hopefully you post a video on it. Did you order their new lo pro slide? I’m leaning towards AAL for this as well. I think it looks a lot better than goose gear, especially since it has the shelf, and they are now making...
  4. Rubi Recon

    Mine is heading to powdercoat so hopefully Ill get mine soon as well! Nice build so far, definitely following
  5. EVO engine/transmission/ exhaust skid with LOD Destroyer sliders compatibility

    Sorry guess that site is banned. Go on youtube and search : Jeep JL Wrangler Skid Plates EVO ProTek Engine Oil Pan and Transmission Protection HOW TO INSTALL
  6. EVO engine/transmission/ exhaust skid with LOD Destroyer sliders compatibility

    [Banned Site] had LOD sliders and couldnt install his evo skids until he switched to evo sliders. Its on his evo armor install video
  7. Trailer vs Seat delete

    Too much money to have issues like that. I’ve decided to go AAL eventually. Installing their dual battery and arb system soon.
  8. Genesis Dual Battery Mod - Any Regrets???

    Sumerian, I am doing the rear battery from AAL as well. I have a question for you...what are you using for you switch panel for the items being powered by the AUX battery. Once it leaves the ATC fuse box do you then wire to an sPOD or something? Electrical makes no sense to me so this is going...
  9. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    I'm at about 76" not including the rhino rack pioneer platform. I have 2" mopar. No load other than steel bumpers. I hope that helps
  10. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    I posted a picture on this thread earlier of a comparison. I got rid of my 35" grapplers for these. The KO2 is exactly 1" bigger. They sit much narrower as well though. The ride with KO2 is much better.
  11. Trailer vs Seat delete

    I have a RTT for sleeping so platform would be for kitchen and gear storage. The more I look into it the less I like the idea of having a trailer to deal with
  12. Trailer vs Seat delete

    Hello everyone! My wife and I are looking at doing a multi month overland/roadtrip out west for 2-4 months with our golden retriever. We are trying to decide it a trailer makes sense or if we should suck it up and take the route of minimal gear and get a platform system like goose gear or AAL...
  13. Want to upgrade rock rails- Motobilt vs EVO vs JCR

    im looking around too. Would love rock slide eng. but I have heard mixed things about their consistency especially in winter weather places. I am leaning towards the EVO bombers. They look great and come at a fair price. I hate that they aren'r available to come coated. Another thing I'd have to...
  14. Mopar LCA swap

    anyone else with the mopar lift have any insight on the length they have their arms?
  15. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    I am sure there are a bunch of threads on here with guys doing that. And YouTube videos. I think it’s possible. Stuffed, but possible
  16. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    Mine came in at exactly 35, maybe 35.25. 17x9 30psi. man do they ride smoooth!! Gone is the dump truck ride. Man the difference between E and C is night and day. Whoever says otherwise is maybe just running a harsh riding lift?!. Wow did that make a world of difference. So much more enjoyable
  17. Mopar LCA swap

    Maybe I'll start with 24 3/8s and take it to an alignment shop. I have no idea how much lift I gained now. I've added bumper winch etc. and its been three years