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  1. Blackout "Jeep" lettering

    Wait till the summer, let the sun warm the jeep, monofilament line will remove them easy. Goof off or 3M adhesive remover will take off the glue residue. Black badges and JEEP letters are available from mopar. Hardest part is making sure you get them on straight and in the same spot on both sides.
  2. Insane Jeep recovery on Suicide Road

    How much was the bill? AAA cover it? Too soon?
  3. Add a Vibrant Third Brake Light for Just $65 | ORACLE Lighting

    Is this pretty easy to wire in to replace the factory third brake light? My new spare partially blocks the factory 3rd light so I want to replace it with something bright and visible also LED to match tge rest of the lighting.
  4. Why a two door is better than a four door

    I wish I could have gotten my JT in a 2 door but Jeep denied me that choice. my wife loves her JLU and it’s just the 2 of us so there you go. I wanted her to get the 2 dr JLR in Tuscadero but she insisted on the 2 extra doors. What she wants, she gets. <shrug>
  5. Watch This Bronco Blow Out Its 4WD System Attempting to Speed Through a Mud Pit

    Perfect time to sling a Dynatrac U60 up under there and get rid of the IFS.
  6. Flying to Gupton Tomorrow

    Mine was less than stellar other than the price.
  7. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    20x9 black rhino Kelso
  8. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Yup, looks great. She’s got the 1 touch sky top so it only comes painted where it’s not the black canvas. Glad the fenders are black otherwise it’s just too much Tuscadero.
  9. Now The Wife Wants One!

    Lol! Mine sold her 4 months old MX5 I bought her for her birthday with under 250 miles on it to buy this. I’m not even mad.
  10. Doetsch 2.5 Ton Drag Link/Tie Rod for JL

    Great insight. Thank you Sir.
  11. Doetsch 2.5 Ton Drag Link/Tie Rod for JL

    Great looking set up. Wanting to do the same thing to my JT. Reid Racing knuckles to replace the factory aluminum, RCV shafts with FAD delete and RPM drag and tie bars. How much difference did the fox stabilizer make? I have the upgraded steel steering gear and added the synergy sector shaft...
  12. What is up with rock stacking?

    Everybody gets a trophy. This is no different.
  13. Expected the red Rubicon embroidery instead got this

    Keep in mind with the alternate leather you are just paying for the leather seats, not the standard leather plus an add on for the upgrade. For me a leather dash, visors, armrests, shift knobs etc didn’t add any value. I just wanted the nice leather seats only. This option allows getting them...
  14. TUSCADERO Wrangler JL Club

    Wife’s JLUR with Sky Top. Wheels and tires already upgraded.
  15. Expected the red Rubicon embroidery instead got this

    I don’t think that is correct. I seem to recall seeing a couple other Tuscadero colored JLs with different or no embroidery. I need to look for some pics.
  16. Expected the red Rubicon embroidery instead got this

    The upgraded leather is a higher quality and is much softer than the standard leather having had both now I can say for sure. It’s true there is no rear center foldown armrest.
  17. Expected the red Rubicon embroidery instead got this

    Well the red stiching matches the shifter boots and other rubicon parts. The grey grill embroidery look good and different. No issue for me just a bit of a surprise. The perforated leather is a nice upgrade.
  18. Expected the red Rubicon embroidery instead got this

    Expected the red Rubicon embroidery instead got this Not complaining, actually like it better and still has the red stitching, just curious why the different?
  19. 2020 TPMS sensors on a 2021 Wrangler

    A hand held tire pressure gauge used occassionally still works. What’s the big deal about not having sensors? Nice and convenient, yes, but hardly something to pass up a good deal on a set of wheels and tires for. Just my opinion