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  1. Good Info for anyone in a lease and thinking of doing something different.

    I have learned that today people in a current lease have more flexibility to trade, sell or just get out of their lease than ever before. If you are in a lease and looking to change the situation for any reason you may appreciate these articles. Not only do they give you good ideas on where to...
  2. Slapped 33's on my 4xe Sahara!

    Nice! We just got our first 4Xe in yesterday. Sold order and the customer was there before I got the chance to drive it. Really want to drive one!
  3. Doug's First Wrangler

    Nice set up. love the 3.0:muscle:
  4. Extended Warranty (Y/N)?

    We offer a free no hassle quote on our site. Or you can call us directly. We would also be glad to answer any questions.
  5. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    Never got mine in before i sold my wrangler but I think I would have loved this!
  6. 2021 JLU on order :-)

    With trade values through the roof ordering a new vehicle is definitely more attractive than it once was. Also I am seeing sold orders coming in very fast.
  7. JL Wrangler Steel Bumper Bull Bar Tube

    Love this! Where did you get the lower piece also?
  8. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    This is all great feed back. Hope everyone has a great Jeepin Week!
  9. Abs/traction control light

    If your vehicle is less than 3 years old and has less than 36,000 miles you are still under factory warranty and should be able to get this problem resolved. You can reach Chrysler's customer service at 800-334-9200. You should be able to just take your vehicle to the dealership and have them...
  10. Driving my Jeep makes me arrogant

    "Warm" in this instance is definitely relative LOL!
  11. Just got my first Jeep - lots of things to consider for my needs.

    If you just purchased your vehicle, I would suggest taking a look at manufacturer-backed extended service-contracts. The only manufacturer-backed service-contracts that you can purchase for a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, or Alfa Romeo vehicle, are sold through Mopar. We are a third-party...
  12. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    Drive slow, don't slam on the brakes, turn easy, if you have 4 wheel drive or AWD, then use it when necessary.
  13. Opinions on Rock Krawler Lifts

    I would suggest a Mopar lift if you are wanting to get it covered under warranty.
  14. Top 10 things Jeep should have done WITHOUT.

    Is LSD an actual acronym for something? If so, WHY?
  15. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    What you said is pretty much all correct, except that they are actually called "service contracts" so the "extended warranties" would actually be an "extended service contract". We sell all of our warranties directly through Mopar, an FCA affiliate (or whatever they're calling themselves these...
  16. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    If he had an extended warranty it would actually be Mopar that he had to deal with. But yes after the 3/36 factory warranty, he is pretty much out of luck.
  17. Alignment shop tech disconnected my dash-cam - what should I do?

    I would contact either the manufacturer directly, or if you have an extended service contract on it, then I would contact Mopar directly, if you need either one of these phone numbers just let me know.
  18. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    This is correct, once the vehicle is 12 months old it will increase in price, additionally once you hit 12,000 miles it will also jump in price.