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  1. Android Auto Wireless Dongle

    Great! I was afraid I will get a connected to WIFI w/o Internet and lose access to data.
  2. Android Auto Wireless Dongle

    BT is for pairing only. Data is transferred via WIFI. Anyone knows if you keep connected to cellular data while connected to AA with Wifi?
  3. Pentagon may ban entry to Military for any survivors of covid-19

    None that I know of. Never heard anything on the subject after that famous memo 😃
  4. 7” to 8.4” upgrading screen size success

    Can you use Android wireless if you have the 8.4 with wifi?
  5. Water in the Trans / moving tubes

    Nope. I've been pretty busy to try, but it's on my to do list.
  6. The 2022 GMC Hummer Is a 1000-HP, $112,595 Electric Monster Truck

    I put a reservation on a 3x. It will be available in two years (1 year after the first edition) So I have plenty of time to see if it's actually worth to me getting one. If it's not, i don't have to buy it. If it is, I already saved a place in line.
  7. Rugged Ridge Arcus Front Bumper - Fog Light Fiasco

    That's so.Rugged Ridge, great ideas, poor execution.
  8. Are there any cargo racks that occupy a spare tire delete?

    Looks similar to the one I custom built for my JK:
  9. Who needs a Gladiator...

    I decided to take on the 16-foot challenge today
  10. Who needs a Gladiator...

    Some of us just want to make sense of the "U" in SUV
  11. Who needs a Gladiator...

    I've already put 20 bags of thinset It's amazing how a simple joke can hurt so many feelings LOL
  12. Who needs a Gladiator...

    Yes I do. I relocated the camera: Click here
  13. Who needs a Gladiator...

    Thx! 4.5" lift and black rhino armory wheels
  14. Who needs a Gladiator...

    ...when you can load 12-foot baseboards in your JL?
  15. 6 spd MT hanging onto revs?

    First time I experienced this issue was with my 05 Xterra. I think it is due to the drive-by-wire factory programing. It affects auto trannies as well as you can no longet control your speed with the throttle when rock crawling. Superchips claims their tuner fixes it, but don't know anybody who...