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  1. Horn beep on remote lock

    Funny your goal is mine as well............I'm moving in a few weeks to a remote location to a cabin on a dead end mile long road. Nothing around be deer, moose, turkey, and salmon and trout fishing.
  2. Horn beep on remote lock

    I wish more people would disable the Lock Honk crap. Nothing irritates me more than the neighbor double checking the car is locked at 11:00 pm by hitting it 3 times........thanks for waking up the whole neighborhood ass hat.
  3. 35s on a stock unlimited sport?

    34.4" unmounted/unloaded........really is about a 34" tire.
  4. 35s on a stock unlimited sport?

    2 ply casing.........most tires are 2 or 3 ply casing. Its an E load rating tire. We shall see how they hold up. If they don't........that's why they weren't $325 per tire, but they ride nice. I don't do regular hard core rock crawling so they should be fine.
  5. Do you prefer a black or body coloured hardtop?

    First thing to scuff if you do any off roading is the fender flares and top. Low hanging branches and narrow trails with scrub brush. No point in having them painted.
  6. 35s on Stock Rubicon Wheels(newbie)

    Everybody is doing the 315's on stock 7.5 inch wheels even though 315's should have a minimum 8" wide wheel. They are also really only 34" tall. Personally I think the side walls look weird being sucked in that much. It also makes the tire have a crown or bulge out in the center of the tread...
  7. Pic request: JLUS on 2” spacer lift and 33’s

    Note: Manufacturer tire sizes are measured with the tire unmounted. Mounted/inflated with a load on the tires is less. A 285/70/17 is listed as 32.7 unmounted (rubicon stock size) Its really about 32 1/4" tall A 295/70/17 is listed as 33.3 unmounted but is really about 33 or even a little less.
  8. 4WD Neutral Warning

    My guess is the sensor is likely inside the T case and is off a hair. Hence it is detecting the shifter position is a hair past the 4H position and the only way to get at the sensor is to disassemble the T case. So they just swapped it. (T case prob has a plug/port for the wiring harness to...
  9. 35s on a stock unlimited sport?

    Bought Jeep with already installed on the lot. Tuff Country
  10. Jeep Introduces 2021 Wrangler Islander Special Edition

    ^^^^ Now thats pretty sweet. As Neaderthal as the YJ was compared to the TJ and JL it was still cool.........I learned to wheel in the YJ with crappy suspension articulation and open Diff's..........That's where the JKS sway bar disco's really made a difference! You also had no choice but to...
  11. Jeep Introduces 2021 Wrangler Islander Special Edition

    The original graphics were better. My first in 89 Pacific Blue (bone stock less than 6 months old) Recurved leaf springs with 31's (small fender wells compared to the JL required 4" lift to fit 33's)
  12. 35s on a stock unlimited sport?

    Spacers have the same ride. Fender flares are stock. Better shocks were noticeable and reduced body roll and suspension shudder when encountering RR tracks and bridge seams which is exaggerated with bigger/heavier tires. (RS5000X). The stock shocks are gas charged but very easy to compress...
  13. 35s on a stock unlimited sport?

    A better option might be: 2" spacers (not as stiff as Rubicon springs, better ride) Longer better shocks (for heavier tires) Rubicon high fender flares if needed 295/70/17 or 305/70/17' (305/70's limit tire choice) The Auto 8 speed handles bigger tires better than the 6 speed due to more gears...
  14. 2.0L Turbo Octane 87 or 91?

    The 2.0T is high compression and turbo charged. Also Syn+ oil spec is required (for a reason) to prevent or reduce wear from low speed pre ignition. Using the lowest octane that is "acceptable" doesn't add up to me. Some of the first year 2.0T models came off the assembly line with the wrong...
  15. Difference between all the 2021 JL models, editions, trims?

    Rubicon: Heavy duty axles, lower 4:10 geared with Lockers in both Lower geared 4:1 part time 4WD tranfer case (Rock Trac) Elect front sway bar Disiconnect More fender clearance and 1.5 inch taller springs Models with anti-spin rear diff or...
  16. Windshield Defroster Fix

    The problem is there is a center duct to the defroster vents and the vents are not angled to disburse the flow of air to the both sides. So you get a strong flow in the center where the ducting is located only. I lay my gloves or a stocking cap in the center and it forces the air out the sides...
  17. Pictures of 2dr Sports with 33" tires and 1.5" lift?

    2018 JL Sport Wheels: 17 x 8.5 w/ +12 offset/5.2 back space Tires: 295/70R17 Lift: 2" Tuff Country spacer lift
  18. Anti-Spin axle on Sport upgrades axle to Dana 44?

    A better way to say it: BLD makes the diff sense torque from braking the spinning wheel so it will transfer an equal amount of torque to the wheel that is not moving. A spinning wheel (as in if its in the air or on ice) requires 0 or near 0 torque to move it. So with an open diff that gives...
  19. Anti-Spin axle on Sport upgrades axle to Dana 44?

    BLD still works with TC off. I have no anti spin / LSD and my jeep will do the same thing. I have accelerated from a stop with one rear tire on tar, the other on packed snow and ice. It spins a second and then off you go.