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  1. Sky OT Power Top Sunshade

    I am in the market. Questions is Hothead or SpiderWeb? Header is good, but sagging in a couple spots. I may just need to adjust the Velcro positioning (just installed). Had a SpiderWeb shade in my old LJ, no problems. Very durable.
  2. SOT Hothead Headliner Colors

    They certainly ship fast. Got tracking within hours and already been picked up and is on route.
  3. SOT Hothead Headliner Colors

    Will do. I have only heard of the front velcro coming off. Hope that has since been resolved Most comments I have read are very positive.
  4. SOT Hothead Headliner Colors

    I ultimately decided to go with black. May go with the Spiderweb shade (black), wo this will keep that option open and everything looking clean
  5. SOT Hothead Headliner Colors

    What has everyone been choosing for their color? Happy or unhappy? BTW, how are these things to clean?
  6. Nauset Beach in Orleans

    These beaches all seem to have their own issues. We are Yarmouth based. Is there a better option? Is it too much to want to take my family on the beach with a permit and just drive, hang out and then leave when we want? So many restrictions. Any experience with Sandy Neck beach in Barnstable?
  7. MA group events

    2 hours to the Berkshires, doable Not sure my rig would qualify as it's bone stock
  8. Nauset Beach in Orleans

    Sandy Neck better for access and no plovers? Down for Jeep beach drive.
  9. MA group events

    Looks fun! Needs to be marketed before, not after. Missed any snow runs. I am that beginner with kid that just wants a little off roading with low risk for fun
  10. Nauset Beach in Orleans

    Disappointing feedback. Was really excited. Just look forward to driving and hanging out the beach not burdened by all these excessive rules, closings, etc. Closer to Dennis, but I hear that is only available for short windows around the tide Better beach driving areas? We're near Dennis.
  11. Nauset Beach in Orleans

    I've decided to get an ORV permit for Nauset Beach in Orleans this year Will be my first time taking the Jeep off pavement (yup... a mall crawler, without the mall) Anyone else head out here? Would be a family trip for me. Some questions would be: -Assume there is no such things as bathrooms...
  12. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    I tried emailing them, but my email got rejected. The beta version had colored logos for the buttons, but that does not appear to be an option. I don’t use them much, but it would be nice to more easily see remote start vs panic.
  13. Driving on beach sand.

    I am looking to do this for the first time this year and am excited to try it in a few months. I have the upgraded tire/ wheel package, but no bead locks. The rules are very clear that you have to reduce tire pressure to 10 psi to hit the beach.
  14. Hotheads For Sky One Touch

    Will probably jump on next sale, unless I just get numb to the noise by then
  15. Sky One Touch Headliner?

    Def one of my concerns. I worry most about the longevity and SOT and Jeep using any excuse to avoid warranty. Imagine that velcro is hard to remove cleanly.
  16. Sky One Touch Headliner?

    What did everyone pay? I thought there was a discount previously, just went to order and it doesn't look like they are discounted anymore.
  17. Hotheads For Sky One Touch

    With the gray, do you feel it is likely to get dirty or show marks? Does the material seem like it would be easy to clean?
  18. Cold by legs

    Anyone else in a cold climate have cold by your shins? The steel part of the door is cold to the touch and radiates cold. No insulation.
  19. MA group events

    Any snow runs or group events in MA?