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    I couldn't find anything on the forum about this bumper, wondering if anyone has first hand experience with it or some insight about the bumper quality, usability, or issues?
  2. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    Therefore anyone on this post opinions are theirs, and do not need you questioning their motives.
  3. Are the Mopar Bead lock wheels any good? or are other brands better?

    Those are great, as are the KMC. I have DirtyLife, which aren't too popular for Jeeps given their weight, but they are tough AF.
  4. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    Hmmm, I don't know? Ask the Jeeper that was shot and killed on trail in Sequoia, followed by his 12 year old son hiding in the woods for 32 hours from the shooter. I realize its different up there in Brandon country , but wake up a bit.
  5. Sky One-Touch Power-Top removal issues?

    There are NO “Line-up” issues. Gregj If the dealership says there is, how will you argue that?
  6. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Rare double JL vs JK MOAB shot :jk:
  7. Sky One-Touch Power-Top removal issues?

    I would suspect the REAL reason is, if they say you cannot do it and you do, then they don't have to warranty it if they can prove its due to removal/line up issues.
  8. Aux battery failure after one year?

    I lost both of mine the same day, a hair after 2 years. They aren't the best battery for OEM, and I run a Dometic and Jackery on occasion so I'm sure that helped kill them off faster. Good thing is they are under warranty and they towed me in and replaced them both with ZERO out of pocket.
  9. Which dealer in socal to have a mopar lift installed?

    Dealerships wont warrant lifts you buy elsewhere.
  10. Cleghorn Trail Saturday November 27th

    I thought zeebo was attached to your hip? LOL
  11. Cleghorn Trail Saturday November 27th

    How many do you have going so far Steve?

    hmmmm, a price might help with the sale ;)
  13. Reimbursement for Item Under Warranty (Battery Replacement, Again)

    Why are you messing with it at all if it is still under warranty? I called the dealership up, they towed the Jeep in, and replaced the batterIES in a few hours. DONE & FREE. No work required by me :clap:
  14. Black Friday Deals

    Depends if you are buying china crap ... lol
  15. Lets see some 37s

    Have you done a re-gear of front axel swap?
  16. California Rebel Offroad Bak- Pak with everything

    You stare at it propped up against your garage wall. :like: