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  1. Wrangler-Bronco Baby

    I had a '67 Bronco with the 6-cyl engine and 3 in the tree. It was easy and cheap to work on. I still regret selling it. Hunter
  2. Man, I really love my new Jeep

    Your take on the Diesel JL reflects my view of it too. I've owned 20 off-road Jeeps starting with an in-line 6 cylinder CJ in 1980. The worst one, a YJ, literally spent 1/2 the time in the shop. But, the quality of this JL has been outstanding. It's been 100% trouble-free. And, it...
  3. 35" TIRES ON STOCK SAHARA With 18" Rims

    I've got the Diesel Sahara with the taller HD suspension. After consulting with TireRack, I installed AR105 TORQ-THRUST rims with 315/70R17 K02s load C tires. It rides smooth and no rubbing when flexed. Hunter
  4. Is a muffler skid really needed?

    Same here. My wife and I can't hear a difference. Hunter
  5. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    My wife of 36 years hates every vehicle I love. The simple solution is she buys what she wants and I buy what I want. Hunter
  6. tailpipe

    I was on my back under the Jeep and was able to undo the mounts with standard hand tools (sockets, wrenches). I had difficulty removing the rear hanging mount so I used a Sawzall to cut it off. I could have done it without that cut, but it was faster and easier not to do so. Hunter
  7. tailpipe

    Got rid of my muffler last week using the Dynomax muffler delete 3" pipe. Thought there'd be a sound change - nope. Hunter
  8. Long Rang America Aux Fuel Tank installation

    You did what appears to be an outstanding install of a larger fuel tank. What is the capacity difference between stock and the LRA tank? Thanks, Hunter
  9. AEV Fuel Caddy for the Diesel

    One of' the reasons I got the Diesel this time was for the MPG it gets. When out on the Pony Express Trail there's no fuel available. On my last Pony trip I got 33 MPG in the dirt and only used 1/4 of a tank to get up to Wendover after hitting Ute headquarters in Ibapah (right on the...
  10. How to drive in snow and ice. A guide for idiots.

    I like it. The reason I have the Jeep is doing so makes it so much easier to get around in the Winter. Hunter
  11. Tire load rating - E rated tires?

    Yeah, after years of running rough Es I went with 35" Cs this time. It's the most comfortable riding Jeep I've owned. Go with the heavy duty E if you need it - just be sure the rough ride is worth it. Hunter
  12. LandRover Defender getting SC V-8

    Had one of the old 4.0 V8 90s. Ate gas on the street but was surprisingly frugal off road. Trained on using it in Moab with the Camel team. They'd roll one, laugh, and pull a spare off a trailer. I'd never wheeled with rich people before. They really didn't care - which made training with...
  13. JL Interior tailgate design, why?

    Got rid of my tailgate insert to make room for my 35" K02 spare sitting flat in the bed. Makes it so much easier to hand wash my Jeep without a huge tire in the way. Hunter
  14. How Important is Load Range?

    Due to ride comfort, I went with C rated 35" KO2s on my Diesel JLU. Every time I drive it I experience a smooth ride that shows I made the right decision. Hunter
  15. Thoughts on if a 4xe Sahara would even benefit from a regear for 35"s

    I have 35s on my '20 diesel without a lift (K02s load C). It's as if Jeep purposely geared the Diesel just for this upgrade. Hunter
  16. Best A/T Tire

    I'm running the load range C K02 315/70/R17 (34.4" tall actual height) on my Diesel JL with no lift (and no rubbing). I picked them so I have good performance and a smooth ride in year-round weather. They have the mountain snowflake symbol. Hunter

    Yeah, that storm will pass over Utah and hit you. We could use more snow this year - maybe the next storm. Hunter
  18. Technology group AND 8.4 inch radio and premium audio group

    I have the 8.4 audio upgrade and appreciate it everytime I turn it on. Well worth the money, in my opinion. Hunter
  19. ?4 Cold Climate Diesel Owners

    I've not plugged my Diesel in before starting. All I've noticed is it's noisier if we're below freezing. Hunter
  20. Why I bought a Diesel Wrangler

    I've owned 20 different Jeeps in 40 years. My current '20 Diesel Wrangler is easily my favorite one. Hunter