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  1. 2dr Saggy Bottom Blues

    Update: I’ve now driven about 1500 or so on this set up and it’s fine 75% or more of the time. It’s on really bad roads with lots of undulations and dips and when it rains hard that she gets a little squirrely. It also is hard to keep straight when slowing down forcefully at a stoplight where...
  2. 2dr Saggy Bottom Blues

    Yeah does not seem to be as noticeable.
  3. Self Correcting Speedometer

    Found a member from a previous thread about this issue and that’s what is happening. When iPhone plugged into Jeep; GPS even simple speed apps do 100% match what Jeeps speedometer says. However and unfortunately it is not correcting speedometer. Instead and who knows why the Jeep is sending...
  4. Self Correcting Speedometer

    I’m almost always using CarPlay so?? Lol who knows. I’ll try without tomorrow.
  5. 2dr Saggy Bottom Blues

    For example; if there is a dip in the road and right tire hits it the steering will pull to the right. May be from wider tires and decreased offset as much as reduced castor. Tram Line May or may not be correct terminology just what I’ve always used. Any car with really wide tires will pull
  6. Self Correcting Speedometer

    Well my Jeep is pretty magical lol. I’m super skeptical of this myself; however I’ve used this exact same method to calculate speedo error in a pickup after going up in size and my predictions based on manufacture actual diameters from tire rack where very close to what my speedometer app...
  7. Self Correcting Speedometer

    Just put 315/70/17 on mine and got out speedometer ap to see how much it’s off. (I have Manual so I wasn’t worried about shift points and it’s not really that hard to get used to when you are used to the difference at certain speeds) Anyhow thought I was losing it because it was pretty much...
  8. 2dr Saggy Bottom Blues

    I was concerned about caster too and wondered if raising the rear more would also reduce positive castor some as well. Happy to report that I drove it about 150 miles today and am very pleased it’s not screwed up handling wise. Does tram line some with major surface imperfections but I have cars...
  9. 2dr Saggy Bottom Blues

    Wheels and tires finally came in! It seems like everything for this Jeep including the Jeep itself has been an exercise in patience. dick cepeck fun country on walker Evans racing wheels. (Yes fake bead locks) 17x8.5 +1 offset 315/70/17
  10. Lifted 2 door JL Wrangler photos

    Started a thread elsewhere but added teraflex level/lift for JL 1”/1.5” Wheels and tires came today! Not much daylight left by the time I got them switched over so lighting is poor. 315/70/17
  11. 2dr Saggy Bottom Blues

    It took me a bit after getting my Jl to realize but the rake of the JLU and JL are opposite from the factory. The unlimited rolls nose down and the wrangler rolls with a saggy bottom. I carry a lot of stuff (as much as will fit in the tiny space) in the back for work making it worse. Depending...
  12. Tapping high beam for relay trigger.

    First I have halogen lights, (regrettably) so if you have factory leds I’m not sure. And I can’t remeber color but I got it wrong the first time and had to redo it. I tapped into wire on connector that plugs into outside of headlight housing. If you look at plug the very corner pin is ground...
  13. Tapping high beam for relay trigger.

    Just be aware that the h13 connector is inside the housing behind screw on dust shield.
  14. Tapping high beam for relay trigger.

    Finally got around to installing and hooking up the relay seems to work great so far!
  15. Variation in Clutch Engagement

    My clutch engagement is defineatly crunchy. It’s also has a lot of variation to how “crunchy” it feels from day to day, (I drive approx. 100-200 miles a day). I’m also afraid I have a bad synchro because I sometimes get a small but noticeable chatter from 3-2 downshifts like when entering a...
  16. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Added LOD destroyer mid length bumper
  17. Issue Bulletin: Squeak or Rattle Noise Between Sport Bar and Rear Interior Panel

    I just had this happen too; Couple of long days of being annoyed. It was like marble in a can loud. Kept looking at seat and seatbelt. Finally this morning I pulled seat forward and actually saw hint of a reflection of that thing dancing around behind there. Just pushed it back for now. Have...
  18. Tapping high beam for relay trigger.

    I have aux setup for hard on or off but would like to tap one high beam so I can quickly turn Driving lights on or off with dimmer. Anyone know if this will cause any issues with can bus? I had this set up years ago when I had a tj and it worked great on rural highways and back roads.
  19. 2 Door JL Classic Sliders - Now Available

    I went ahead with the mopar premium rails. I like the way they look but these (jcr) will be more secure in how they mount.
  20. JL on 2 post Lift.

    The hockey puck is sitting on actual lift pad and is there because it will fit within the indention of skid plate. It lets me have weight centered over arm and the eliminates the concern of having lift arm slip off of frame.