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  1. Who’s Undercoating / Oil Spraying What This Winter?

    Fluid Film on my 2019 Rubicon and also did it on my 09 Wrangler X, with the salt use in Wisconsin roads so high I am sure it is a giant help against corrosion. In Wisconsin available at Fleet Farm or on line Amazon.
  2. Transmission Tune for 2.0T

    Try doing manual shifts for a while, I think the trans/ computer will relearn the shift characteristics you are looking for, or disconnect top battery for a while, reconnect battery and drive more aggressively for a relearn to computer. Your Jeep is now in more MPG operation.
  3. 2.0l engine coolant temp?

    Mine. 185. 195. Outside temps or traffic or use has not made a difference.
  4. Key fob splitting open

    looks like you are willing and able to do this. reopen fob, remove battery, loosen screws and position till all buttons function /click and don't rub on cover. tighten screws, now check edges for damage from prying open fob and trim clean, install battery, put fob cover back on ( if you want use...
  5. Has anyone installed a 22” lightbar to a stock sport bumper? this is what I am looking at using the driving lights
  6. CarPlay weather radar

    This gives me what I was looking for Radar Weather, apps, travel link, weather map, gives me weather radar :) I do have SXM and will keep it in the Jeep.
  7. CarPlay weather radar

    Is there a CarPlay weather radar? I want to see what I am driving into.
  8. Auto Door Locks Acting Up While Driving

    Where is your fob? I have had issues with fob locking unlocking refastening screws inside fob cleared my issues, there are other threads mentioning this issue.
  9. Let's talk water proof bags.

    try this link, This is from a Motorcycle clothing, gear store in Duluth Minn. Wife and I use a lot of their riding gear. pricy but you get what you pay for.
  10. Let's talk water proof bags.

    Sealine bags
  11. Key fob splitting open

    Open up fob like you are going to replace battery , inside there is 4 or 5 very small Torx screws, you may need to purchase a small torx kit, 1or more are loose, this will also create weird happenings with doors locking and or unlocking, horn blowing, just do not over tighten screws, on one of...
  12. Pink fluid leak

    Coolant, let dealer check out and take care of. Probably bad or improperly tightened clamp
  13. 4WD in reverse different?

    In deep snow turn off traction control, try not to spin tires, spinning creates heat, melts snow, snow turns to water, water freezes, ice verrry slippery, getting out of a self made ice hole can be difficult, stopping and letting tires freeze to snow can help
  14. Completely stops working until going into reverse

    Is your Android navigation not wanting to release screen to other apps?
  15. Tire PSI fluctuations

    You will normally see with street tires about 3% rise , if concerned try a chalk test, hot tires, chalk lines across face of tire s. Driving forward a short distance check lines for wear/ even use . Adjust accordingly
  16. Tire pressure

    I would think too much, 35 psi would be a good guess, start cold and try 10% rise hot pressure rise,and or chalk test, chalk line across tire short drive hot tire and check even loss of chalk line
  17. Cowl mounted 30” Light Bar

    Will light up hood and black out in front for yards in use, needs more altitude.
  18. Premium Soft Top Windows

    I ordered my Rubicon with hard top and added the soft top, I had a choice of clear or tint, I ordered tint.